Thursday, March 22, 2012

Vacation Pt3

edible hibiscus

duder in unis

                                                                             know who EDDIE IZZARD is?  well here's a taste.

Vacation pt. 3

Finally, as all vacations come to an end, so did this one, and though I was glad to come back to my own home, I was already missing some of the people and places I had let into my life. 

With the moon above me and volcanoes behind me.
Edible hibiscus flower
Without sounding maudlin, I'd like to point out that I will miss this different and much slower way of life. Where people do take time to dress up and visit neighbors and strangers look you in the eyes to greet you with a good day and want nothing more(freaks you out at first, too). Daily trips to the supermarket don't seem like a waste of time, when your in good company, by the way. It was very hot and humid and I did miss my SoCal dry desert heat (my hair was all over the place). I found some food in its natural state and that was very cool. Tamarind and hibiscus. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Tomorrow should be the last of them.Until then, thinking about some tats?

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