Saturday, March 31, 2012


The weekend is here and this week was a bitch!!! Wow. It seemed like it would never get here. I hope your week went a lot better than mine, but if it didn't, it don't matter cause the weekend is here!!!I liked this week so much. I learned so much. I have a couple of things that I tried to work out and lucky for you guys I did it all the while posting about it.

Showtimes The Green Room has world class comedians come in and talk shop. It's got so much talent, it is scary to think these people are all in a room together at once and second they are each others' coworkers because doing this, is their job. Richard Belzer (comedy royalty, Law and Order) in a JAGGER OFF is one of my favorite clips on the internet and I finally tracked it down for you guys. It is at once entirely disturbing and funny like nothing else I've seen.

  Working out with GAVIN what could be better? ?    


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