Monday, March 12, 2012

MONDAY -Man showing too much, cleavage and Bones, hit me up

dudes uniformed

 What up fellas, following our foray into interesting ideas that may or may not be helpful to you guys, today we have something called the Cover Cleavage for those of us showing the boys a little too much (helloooo boys) of ourselves, straight up.
    If this does not seem to help with your problem of showing too much too soon, try wearing something hard to put on. They have these wrap around numbers that look like straight jackets almost. If that don't do it you just might want to wear something that leaves nothing up to chance, try a t-shirt.Very cool, yea? Hope it helped.


Check out this song to get you home it's pretty dang good...

It's Sean Bones and the song is HIT ME UP
you can download it for free

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