Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Two fuzzy peaches for the price of one.TWO-FER TUESDAY

when I grow up I want to be just like these gentlemen

ladies and gentlemen you can too be famous from dancing and have people cheer you on.


                                                           VACATION pt1

As some of you know, I recently took a vacation to visit southwestern Mexico. It was an amazing trip full of twists and turns that one never expects. You can plan and plan, but you have to be willing to accept the unexpected because you never know. I had planned to visit some geological sites in the hope of connecting  my vacation to something educational which I sometimes enjoy, not always, but sometimes it's nice. The rest of the trip was all rest and relaxation. I visited a lake near the local active volcano. I visited the beach, where the water was somewhat warmer, than Los Angeles. And I was befriended by Orca whales.

    At the lake I wandered off to explore the beautiful grounds. I found some caverns and I wasn't sure if I should go in, seeing as I was alone and had separated from the rest of the group. Of course I went in, after thinking about it, I couldn't let an opportunity like this escape. I can't really explain to you what really happened, next, except to say that I somehow entered a fantastic world, when I decided to explore on my own.   I encountered some dwarfs in the shape of children, living on tree that gave me access to these caves, and once I stepped into these caves, I quickly was traveling back in time and fighting beast that should be long extinct. Pterodactyls, T-REX, and all sorts of reptilian creatures that normally inhabit animation movies wanted to do nothing else more than eat me up.
I didn't think that much of these caves at first.
I should probably have had second thoughts about going into the last two caves...

                                                           Oh awright. THE TRUTH
     I really did look forward to the geographic sites, and I really did go to the Lake, and the caves.Maybe I did not befriend some Orcas, and perhaps I did not enter a different dimension and maybe I wasn't sucker punching dinosaurs, or escaping pterodactyls. I did however have some fun I will not soon forget.
    I did go to the many places I mentioned, I enjoyed myself at the beach so much. The lake near the bottom of the volcano is truly amazing with it's hidden caves, that I did truly enter. The only thing in these caves were tons of moths and butterflies. No flying carnivorous giant dinosaurs. Because of the elevation perhaps, there was coffee plants everywhere. It was colder than the beach for sure. And it is a quiet sort of living the closer that you get to the volcano. Truly a place of wonder.
    I enjoyed the company I kept, though it was not perfect. I love them all, and since coming home, we lost someone, very tragically, who made a great impression on us all. I can only imagine him making an amazing impression still, just somewhere else.May he rest in Peace. You know who you are. Thank you.

enjoying the last of the sun
    I can barely wait until my next trip and I shall begin planning as soon as possible, to make sure that happens.
fresh coffee anyone?

coffee all around

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