Friday, March 9, 2012


I really like movies when they're free. If you're short on funds or are tired of remakes of television shows or tired of remakes of bad movies about dancing teens who dance in art school during lunch, or can't have dances in cornfields, 'cause it's, you know, illegal and stuff, we got MOVIE FRIDAY. We now can watch a free movie together, sorta. You got all weekend to spend it with us, a cheap set, if you'd like, that is. You don't have to buy anything, sell anything, or wear anything.  You can keep it a sober affair if that's your deal, or you really need to clean up your act and detox, or not spend any money, whatever. Or you can invite a bunch of people over and everyone can drink every time someone says a particular word  in the movie until someone throws up (and someone always does- that was me last time everyone got together here, folks). And we can all sit around my vacant parking space (don't ask) and discuss how cheesy and cool special effects used to be while drinking some beer, or sobering you up, or nursing your hangover or we could drink sodas (umm I can really love some sodas right about now) we can pick apart the characters realness. Or how somebody heard from somebody who personally knew them which actor picked up some hours as a pecker checker at the local public restrooms on the weekends, cool, right? - Or... Fine... you all can just post on here if you liked or hated it.
    Keep in mind the movies are of older stock or educational, so no sullen teen vampire series, or Bey-once (sorry jojoeaux). I hope you dudes like action films and classics with armed men in tunics/togas that are ready for anything (and...well...who doesn't, really?). FELLAS! you can now enjoy art with no clothes on for free, on Fridays without anyone complaining or hurrying you up, cause you can watch this whenever you have time ( doesn't even have to be on Friday, how will we know?, just don't fall behind to much because every Friday we'll have a new one), there is no hurry or schedule (pronounced shedule).         YOU READY? -GET THERE.

Gentlemen we can't begin this without a proper snack and yes this is a salad, but not really, once you put cheese or meat and bread on it, it's something else altogether. You, can do all that, now take it away Chef Michael Symone. Once again, this man can cook anything he wants anytime he wants, it will disappear.

    On this amazing Friday as I went to throw out the trash I noticed the night air is full of lemon blossom scent, it is an amazing thing, this aroma. I wish I could share with you all. It has the ability to calm anybody down and put you in a relaxed state. If you close your eyes I bet you can imagine it... go ahead, close your eyes and picture the cool breeze gently going by and the smell of blossoms lingering all around like colorful fireworks showers, slowly lighting the sky in the distance as they make their way through the night

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