Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday what a day, Weather you like it or not

crossed arms

big dudes

Special agent Dinozzo
pics. courtesy of Just Jared

    It is a known fact, the weather affect moods. I have been in such an up and down trip I feel like an ex-roommate I had, that I feared to be around. I wont divulge her sex but you should know she loved to change her mind in the middle of changing her mind. I guess it'll change when the weather stabilizes. I can't even imagine the moods in colder weather. sheesh.

For those of us wondering where did the eighties go? The real eighties tho, not the faux dayglo 80's sampling and stealing going on. Here is the answer. Martin Gore (DeMode mastermind) and Vince Clark (original DeMode mastermind and Yazz mastermind and Erasure mastermind and all around synth architech for the 80's) Not fucking Bad
 PREMIERE: VCMG - Single Blip (Wolfgang Voigt Auramix) - RCRD LBL
  PREMIERE: VCMG - Single Blip (Wolfgang Voigt Auramix) - RCRD LBL


  1. I hope your non gender defined ex roommate stabilize and finally make up her mind

  2. now did I say it was a female? huga anda kissa tho we appreciate all correspondence. Keep posting