Wednesday, December 31, 2014


HaHA. OMG-my little enchiladas et churros, I should tell you a funny haha to end this year, with a giggle. You cannot tell anyone , though, okay?- Awright: Yesterday, as work my underwear kept falling down. I went to work dressed as usual, in my "casual glitter/glam" stlye (whitch actually means Dickies® or khaki pants and a polo or button shirt;)- GLAM. I showed up to work as usual and started my day but oddly, felt my "super sexy form fitting unmentionables" (boxerbriefs), slipping off to the side. They felt especially loose. I tugged them up, by reaching my fingers inside the waistbelt of my pants, only to feel the elastic on my underwear give completely away. I stopped, startled for a second as thoughts raced my brain. What was I gonna do? I had just started my shift. If I jumped out of them where would I toss them, this company had already emptied the trash bins in every room, this morning. I couldn't carry a pocket full of calzones, that was way too much bulk to tolerate for several hours. I felt my underwear just fall down completely. I took a couple of steps only to realize the weirdest sensation in my pants as my clothes pooled like a diapper that had come undone. OH NO. Before anyone noticed I ran to the restroom and inspected the damage. The underwear were fine except for the crumbly faulty elastic. I pulled up -they slid down. I decided to just pull them up past my belt. I had my belt holdind up my pants and my unders from one corner. Problem solved. I didn't think about it one second second more and just continued a full day, busy busy. I did laugh when I got home and switch out of work clothes. My underwear was wrecked and I had forgotten why for a split milisecond. I was just like :whaaa...( then I remembered) manIwasntevendrunk

It is soo cold today I can wear a scarf. YAY!!
Christmas decorations are still up around my neighborhood. I forgot to tell you all how I excited I was All season (so darn busy). So some of my neighbors decorated very tastefully in led blue tinged white lights, or traditional lights which have a warmer yellowish hue to them. Some people incorporated navy colored lights, even red strings to compliment the white strings. My favorites still are the ones that just throw up any lights , all lights in their disposal. But This year I noticed a happy trend: people that decorate like they've lost their minds! Lights wrapped around all their live trees, bushes, poles, fences, you name it, it was covered, literally. Some people put up Christmas decorations as if they had no sight. Not any vision,mind you (as I imagine they have tons of those), but no actual sight. Just plugging lights in and throwing them out onto their front lawns, as if casting a fishing net. This year was beautiful, and I was thankful every evening as I made my way home, just surrounded by so much twinkling blinding beauty. YAY. let's do it again next year. Same time. See you there.

NEW YEAR NEW YEAR NEW YEAR!!!It's all new. We can begin everything anew once again! Isn't it wonderful, amazing and just fills your soul with warmth and hope? I have a suggestion to all of us : Do it now. Anything you want to get done. Do it now, don't wait till later. A body at rest will remain at rest. If you want to get something going, just do it. You may not finish today or this year, but you can set things in motion. A body in motion will stay in motion. Set things in motion. We here at manwasIdrunk will be your cheerleader. This world is also yours, so behave accordingly. Do it. Are you ready for 2015? - Of course we are.

Monday, December 29, 2014



It is Monday, today. I am happy to proclaim this a HAPPY MONDAY, y'all! Now all we gotta do is remain happy, or get happy, not too hard if you decide to do it. I have decided it is easier to be happy today than find a reason to be mad (far too many, it never ends). I will be happy, and get some things, find something to wear to NEW YEARS EVE. I may stay local as it will be cold and I don't wanna get sick standing out doors all night, in the elements, or if I do, I need to bring out the appropriate layers of clothing. Oh, there will be layers, and colors. So many colors B-)

Sunday, December 28, 2014


Saturday, December 27, 2014


Hey, hey, hey. What is going on my chimichangos? It's over, Christmas is over. That was it. That wasn't too bad was it? You didn't stress yourself out for nothing did you? It was just Christmas, there will be another one in 360-ish more days, be patient. That is more than enough time for you to make presents out of thoughtfulnes and love for everyone you know, or stress yourself into a corner and loose all your hair- oops to laaate , right?- I'm wearing the Bruce Jenner "long locks of lub" edition hair piece o_O* It's a very limited and exclusive boutique item. Well we will always have X-MAS2014-the musical!, to remind us of all the awesome possum stuffs that went down. Remember that woman in shorts with a big visor on her wholeface, riding rollerblades till the sun went down, giving out water and interviews to anyone that made eye contact? Yea that happened; 2014 WOOO! Now ...New Years. Ready?-manwasIdrunk!

Friday, December 26, 2014


BACK TO WORK FRIDAY, PEEPS!! There is no reason for it to be so cold today in the SanFernandoValley, or SOCALI, for that matter. I mean that is some cold air blowing today, BUT I LOOOVE IT. As defense against the cold today, I am wearing my glitter sweater and glitter boots to work today! (just kidding, imagine; I'd look like that guy that dresses like RAINBOW BRITE/MY LITTLE PONY at the local bar by my house. For Real-no lie). It is back to work today and I am so grateful for my gifts, this Christmas! I love them! I saw a couple of movies and ate, then ate again, after eating a light snack. So much fun XD. I got a great t-shirt, that I will be wearing to the New Jurassic Park movie (Chris Pratt and DINOSAURS???- I stopped breathing for a couple, there OMG- It's like a sweet dream wrapped in fluffy whipped cream, sprinkles, cream cheese filling
all stuffed into a flattened powdered buttermilk donught, oh yea).Its on! manwasIdrunk

Thursday, December 25, 2014


Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Good morning, good moorniing (in a singsong emphasis on second morningXD). Hey there my sweet fluffy white clouds. It's the day before Christmas. Whatever you do, do not, however, stress out. It is just another day. Sorta! Unless you have kids that are expecting the Kardashian home experience (in which case...we gotta talk), do not stress out. If no money for gifts was available this year, or the past couple, do not fret. Many of us and our parents have been in the same boat. Everybody lives. No child or adult (depending on the adult) will be permanently scarred if you are frank and talk to them, and say: "we can't do it". Don't scream it, because you are disappointed/angry with yourself. Don't ignore it until it's Christmas morning. Instead, give them a hug and tell them you wouldn't have it any other way because you are all healthy, and together, and that may not always be the case for everyone else. Spend some time together with people you love, and give thanks for all that you do have, that is the real point of these holidays. Don't worry about what you couldn't buy or should've done. Instead take these days, when people are more open to pda's (Public Displays of Affection), and be emotionally demonstrative. Tell people how you really care about them, and are thankful for their love and frienship. Don't miss this oppotunity that is strewn with colored lights and hot beverages, that are out of norm (party people not included; that is just a regular Tuesday B-). Do it. It's Christmas, not a competition to see who spends more money ('cause if it was I'd be the winner! HA - juuust kidding, I am poor this year, but healthy-yay!)-manwasIdrunk.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


my dear pup'n'tacos, How goes it on this Tuesday Tuesday TUESDAY (deep voiced emphasis on the last one)??? I am pretty good. I hit the blankets early last night. I was emotionally wiped out, which is not as gratifying or as obvious as being physically wiped out, sadly, because that would make things so much easier. Imagine dealing with someone and they just look terrible, that is a tell-tale sign that something is up, you know: proceed with caution. Yikes! However, usually when people are emotionally wore out they look the same and have to proceed with the day as usual. Unaware people, sometimes become casualties; so sad, unfair! o_O MANWASIDRUNK!


Monday, December 22, 2014


It's a new week for all of us and being that time is relative and a human construct to keep an agreed upon measurement for the now the past and the enjoy every moment you are alive! That, is my very long way of saying: Hello! I hope you are great, truly and honestly great. A great state of mind a positive attitude, happy and doing your best to surround yourself with people that are good for you and good to you. We are nearing Christmas and the end of 2014. I am not nostalgic for this ending year, as I consider this period in my life, one of growth and prosperity. It seems to be a continuation of last years growth. I truly hope that this is a trend I pursue more and more. I hope to share this growth and optimism with as many people as humanly possible. I look forward to this coming year and getting a whole bunch of new and great things done. I am not, I repeat nostalgic. We did however have a great time, right? We got some good music to listen to CHRYSTAL CASTLES gave me hope that bands are still pushing the boundaries of what is considered good music. I really enjoyed them and all the other bands that made 2014 fun. My internet connection was for shit and made posting and downloading a real arduous and time consuming task. Next year will be better, I am sure of it. I am so ready, how about you guys? Are you ready? -