Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Week

New week. New great news.
We'll see if anybody wins the lottery this week. I understand you have to play to win, so there you go. You must partake in whatever it is you want to win at, one step at a time, we'll get us there.
    I hope you guys have been enjoying the movies I've posted and have been getting nothing but good news. I know I've gotten great news from every angle and now I have to wonder what the heck am I going to wear while on vacation. Should I wear something revealing to show what I got, or go discreet. Also maybe I'll meet somebody.
    Maybe I will meet someone in that part of the world, at just the right time. We'll exchange hidden glances and pretend not to notice, but try to double check to see if the other one is interested. We'll have so much in common my chest will find breathing difficult, but lucky for me I've ordered a beer, and now I've got something for my hands to busy themselves with so they don't go all over the place like scared quails...

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Yes, it is true, I will be taking two weeks off in the next couple of weeks. There will be no posts, but I shall bring new material. I'm fully inspired already, so I'd love to see how a vacation affects the posting.
    How's Everyone doing? I hope all is good. I've been pretty consistent with some of the changes and routines I've adopted for daily exercises. I have not incorporated physical workouts so, that will be next. Perhaps a 3040minute walk with some kind of increment. I have not worked out while timing myself for a while (what's a while?-a couple of years) We are still in the midst of redoing the apartment. Something that started with roommate Joe (Jo-Jo the friendliest of drinking buddies) deciding he was gonna paint his bedroom. Months ago and gallons of paint earlier. It's been so much fun. I found papers and pictures I hadn't seen in years.


Friday is here!! How did we fare, this week?

Have you guys seen THE BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB? It has got some of the best music of an  era long gone. It's a movie about trying to re-capture an era in music. It actually feels like you are travelling back in time. It's beautiful.

    I will be gone for two weeks, you will not here from me. I'm taking a trip, a vacation. It's been a while for me. I'll bring pictures. But stay posted in the meantime.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Free advice

Did you know you can watch free movies on your computer?
-Well you can. YOUTUBE is not just for posting your kitten videos (though we do love those). Sometimes you can find full movies that you genuinely want to watch and enjoy for free. Some of us can't afford the ridiculous prices of cable. Cable can be so expensive and with their politics they pick and chose why some channels are free and some get bundled in with a different price package. I shouldn't have to request the HISTORY channel. I don't want to pay extra because of politics.
   In the past couple of years YOUTUBE has become a very creative field. It is up to the viewer and the poster to negotiate what they want to see and show. The key as a viewer is the phrasing when typing in your search. Pay attention to such words as: audio only, remix. HD quality. Also if you find you like the uploads of a particular poster (his choice of music, video, sketches), sign yourself up for his/her updates.Some have channels you may want to subscribe to.
    Mess around a bit just be sure to allow yourself a specified amount of time or you may find yourself falling into the never ending hole of video links. One video leads to another, leads to another. Before you know it it's hours later. Enjoy.

 I'd like to share with people things that they may benefit from. I hate it when people don't share something that can be of interest to their friends and people they like. I like you guys. I like all of you. What I am going to do is let you know things that I think are interesting or you may benefit from. This is a perfect format since I do this blog as a form of exercise, It's like I'm talking myself into doing something, or psyching myself up for a big award I'm about to receive. Oh it's coming alright, you ready? Let's do it.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012



WOW.  What a weekend so many parties, so many birthdays.
Seriously fellas: Never miss out on an opportunity to have people celebrate you. You give people an excuse to buy cake and pop or soda and adult beverages if so inclined. You can raise your self esteem, it only comes around once a year. It's a great chance to see how much people care.  How good your life is. How, if given the chance, people want to show you how they like you. The key (and OH yes, there is a key) is: You have to give people a chance. My pet peeve is people expecting other people to know when their magical day of busting out into this world with rainbows and sparklers was. People are very busy trying to get laid and getting the mostest HDest television on the market to remember everybody they like and when they were born. People are trying to look like they make more than they do, and that is a lot of work.  I have no such illusion.I'm happy to remember what I had for lunch yesterday ( by the way, it was EVERYING-HA). Heck my birthday comes around, weeks in advance, I don't wait for people to remember and fit some last minute get together or arrange for a last minute surprise party they don't want to give you. I tell EVERYBODY. And keep telling them. It may not work the first time or even the first year. Some people think or remember you don't or didn't like to celebrate yourself. Things change it's okay, just remind them that there's always a next year. Some people don't wanna be part of a party but that doesn't mean they don't like you. Some people might make cards to show appreciation, that counts. Hugs, that counts. Others might bake, or some may want to be the center of attention at planning your big surprise party, that counts. Take it all. People like you, just give them the chance to show you.
    DO NOT: tell people the day after your birthday about your lack of celebrations and cheer. If you didn't allow for the opportunity to party, you cannot begrudge the lack of merriment.
    Honestly, my one recommendation to all?-you have to like yourself first, man. It sounds so easy and dumb, I know. Give yourself a break, you do if for others all the time, do it for you. If sometimes you forget or maybe right now you don't really like yourself or your station in life, let other people show you how much you mean to them. If you don't like to be celebrated or you feel it's wrong. If you've been made to feel that men don't do make a big deal about themselves or you don't like to be the center of attention... get over it. THIS ISN'T ABOUT YOU (although it may be your birthday). IT'S ABOUT EVERYONE AROUND YOU GETTING TO PICK HOW THEY WANT TO HONOR YOU.  But seriously nothing picks you up more or motivates you more than having people get together in your honor. It's what people do. It's what we've done for people we like. I enjoy ,myself so much just hanging out with people I love and like to be around if it was my birthday and I was getting presents well then...all the fuckin' better. Got it?

May you get all you want this year. As long as it's within reason and allowed by the state of California (just kidding)


 Birthday bingo parties???
 Score!!!     I won.


                                        Birthday Cake???
                                      anytime      anywhere       

Monday, January 16, 2012

Capricorns everywhere I turn this time of year

    January parties and Capricorn birthdays going off like crazy. Last night another party took its place in history and was delishus to boot, with catering taco truck and all the tacos you could gobble up in three hours. Hot Hot Habanero sauce and not as hot, kicking red chile sauce. Grilled onions and veggies, to serve on side. I got emotionally burned by some grilled jalapenos, damn you jalapenos! I trusted you!! never again... until it happens again (grin). What party can begin without the obligatory SHOTS, for those who indulge in straight up raw wackiness. I like mine mellow and later in the goings-on. I've gotta build up to wackiness. No Axel Roses in this karaoke kids, sorry. This was a Vicente Fernandez gig. I bet you didn't know Vicente Fernandez could do the serpentine dance like nobody's business, though.
    One more party to attend this weekend. I hear there will be cake. I'm so there...

Sunday, January 15, 2012


January 14, Saturday
Yesterday we celebrated a birthday, and everyone decided to go to a local restaurant. I could go either way, on a number of choice places to celebrate at. It turns out that everyone was LOCO over their margaritas, in particular the mango margaritas. Who am I to deny everyone a perfectly good opportunity to indulge in mango margaritas? I'm no monster, right?. Local restaurant it is!

   It gave us, as friends, the chance to catch up after the holidays if some of us were out of town, or busy getting stuffed and rolled in flour like a fowl (Joey...nice new year eh?). I saw the perfect opportunity to talk about something that I have been feeling not very concerned about but curious and have on previous occasions brought up on this here blog. concerning the recent weight gain. I felt it was an appropriate enough subject and I wondered if any of them had any experience with it. I asked to see if they had ever woken up to find themselves in this situation: The case of the shrinking clothes. I wanted to know if I was the only one to go to sleep in clothes that fit perfect upon laying down, only to wake up in a pulling frenzy and find that you're being strangled by the same t-shirt that fit just fine a few hours ago. Nobody knew what I was talking about. I have a feeling by the looks I got, that I'll be approached later on about it. Nevertheless, I decided not to mention how lately my underwear feels like I'm a stripper dancer waiting for my big number and a chance to rip off my pants to reveal ever tightening shorts. Better, my underwear make me feel like it's laundry day and I'm wearing a bikini bathing suit all day long  underneath. I didn't mention anything about it. I drank that margarita they all keep going on about, while giving them looks of suspicion. Yes the mango margarita is effen good if you wondering. Real good.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Jan13, 2012
    I've been putting off sorting clothes and separating it by sizes. I own clothes that do not fit me. Some clothes I recently bought and I really liked, and haven't worn much. So sad. I need room for bigger clothes. Not happy about buying that, and  things that don't have use, should be stored, if not tossed. We'll revisit in a while and see where we stand. Size-wise. Luckily, I'm not big on trends and most of my clothes doesn't have a short shelf life (Except two things: my jeweled and distressed European cut jeans, and darn pedal-pushers for men  were  just too good to be true, my calves have never looked better!-maybe next season).
     Health news: I'd been feeling like I could never catch up with my sleep. And all I really wanted more that anything was to sleep some more. My eyes always heavy and tired, until after noon. It's funny I've been so busy I didn't think anything of it. I just thought I needed to get some good sleep. I got plenty of it in the process. Turns out, some medicine might do the trick.I found that I'd need to take some medication and I might be good as new, maybe gooder. Today was the first day I haven't felt tired when waking up. I feel ready for the world.
    Two days ago, I posted about my secret love affair: birds. I forgot to mention my unfailing admiration of the keeper of their future. Their nests. I find myself at a loss for words when trying to describe their variances, and genius design that can only come from years and years of evolving. The closest to describing them is pointing out that their nests are now regularly available at craft stores, artificially, of course. The decorative birdhouse industry boomed out here in California, helped by my purchases mainly, I'm sure.People build birdhouses to lure birds and their nests. I have multiple styles of both; birdhouses and nests. around my place. Can't get enough of the little suckers. There's only so many you can put out before people start to wonder...

Friday, January 13, 2012

Got a whole lot done today sorry I didn't get a chance to post it today. I've got it down on other computer so here's this bit of music to cheer up to

Wednesday, January 11, 2012



    I've had a lifelong curiosity about birds. I'm amazed at their obvious superb abilities for flight. The spiraling, the downward plunge following the apparent hovering. The effortless gliding through wind.The in flight attacks done by smaller more agile birds on the larger predatory birds. The maniacal mid air twirling done by some pigeons. The fluttering sound of invisible wings on the jeweled humming birds. Coming face to face with a bird not seen often up close, because it wants shelter or water or food, is startling to both of you for sure.If you've ever been hounded by the nesting mocking bird, you will not soon forget their bomber air raids of terror, amazing creatures.
    I like that they are not readily available unless you keep them caged up, and that's not the same for me. They are not cats or dogs that you can pet whenever you like. They're reminders of nature even in the most concrete of jungles. They have no wall that man can build that they will not naturally fly over or nest on. That's just how they do things.I'm in California and our state bird is The Valley Quail.
    I've seen this bird or almost seen this bird (they're so fast, they run more than fly, though they can fly very well), in their natural habitat. They seem mysterious in that they don't really stand around like other birds on a perch. If they know you saw them they're off. This makes me want to know more of course. Their beautiful animals. You can buy them or their eggs in some stores. I wish I could have them running around my apt. like puppies, so cute. They would serve to terrify visitors to and be a great conversation piece, better that talking about new phone aps, right? Maybe they could help me fetch my clothes when I can't find something: "...here quaily, quaily. Good girls"


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oh Hollywood

    I love that not a lot of people know that I was one of the first California contestants and winners of what is now Toddlers And Tiaras . I  would hate to doubt whether people loved me for my personality or my showbiz connections.
       I gained weight last year, peeps. I'm fine with it. It's just weird having spent so much time trying to get bigger, with no results, and suddenly to gain steadily. Really I'm cool with it. except my clothes hurt. The shirts I sleep in don't fit me when I wake up. I've had to buy a couple of sizes up in pants, and I can't wear some things at all. I did not make  a resolution to loose it, just redirect it ( to the TRUNK!!! mainly HA!)
    I don't know why someone would say anything is the best of the year when it's barely the middle of January. As in the Best movie of the year. The best performance of the year. Give it a rest, Hollywood.
    Speaking of Hollywood movies of the year, I can't find anyone who saw War Horse, the Spielberg movie. I know I'm not watching it, I was hoping to find someone who could kill my curiosity about it. I don't want to know that it's the best horse acting of 2011, Hollywood.
    I must clear up that I don't actually have a list of my all time favorite things. That birds are in fact not no. 18 on that list (if such a list existed). I can't even list my favorite movies or cd's (too many to list). I do like writing about stuff that interests me. I don't know what that will be, alright? I do like nature, plants, animals, birds,  food, sex, tight underwear, so... who knows? ...you know, I don't know...

    Are you with me? just pass me my pants, please. They're new.

    Nick is like a flower , a delicate chubby flower who hates himself- THE NEW GIRL

Monday, January 9, 2012

Welcome 2012

    What the heck is going on people? Take a breather and try not to make everything happen all at once so you don't burn yourself out along with you resolutions.
    what works for me, see, I try to divide my time between all the people that I really dig and make me happy, even if they may not be so happy themselves, (you know who I'm talking about and I still love you, you'll get better just you wait and see). Sometimes my schedule doesn't allow. When work gets too crazy sometimes all I can do is make some phone calls and touch base, cause I'm a little grouchy to be around. With a little bit of persistence friends and family can be enjoyed. I does take a little work, but it's nothing compared to the rewards. These people can see things that I'm too close to notice. They can help me take the focus off of something and redirect it when I'm at wits end with obsessing. I help them when they need to paint their house or move, so that that task is lightened if I ever have to do it. That is just what friends do. That is why I love making them laugh. I love seeing them happy. They make me happy, it's a back and forth.
    I was a bit of a solitary adult for a long time. I didn't like to ask for things, like help or answers. I felt I should come up with the answer on my own and figure things out on my own just like I had always done. I came from a larger family always competing for attention. Many times left to you're own devices you get used to doing things for yourself; good for some things, I suppose. I came to believe that asking for things and being unable to do them on my own made me weaker. I come to find I couldn't be more wronger. I've never been stronger as when I don't have to reinvent the wheel every time I need one. I can just buy one or borrow one from somebody I know. I then have time for other things, including buying lunch for the lender and catching up.
    I didn't feel I was unhappy before, I just thought that's the way my personality was, grouchier than most. Why I decided to become happy is very important and I'd love to delve into that at some point here, let me know If that would be of interest. I found the proof that I was happier when I found myself telling people phrases that had been told to me before. Phrases like: relax, it's just a _____, don't you smile? Get a job you like, 'cause you clearly don't like it here. Look at the positive side.Somebody has a case of the Mondays!!!(that last one nobody ever told me, but I sure do love saying it to whomever does have a serious case). So for this moment, let's quiet everything down long enough to remind us that we can do anything we want, including being happy.
    Get some rest for now, because I gotta do some research on my 18th favorite thing: birds!! more on that later including how it got to be no. 18.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

First post of the year.2012

Most of us made it to see the new year. I congratulate you. Some may think that that in itself is nothing really to be congrtulated on. While others do indeed feel very thankful and maybe are a little teary-eyed at the thought, that they have another year to enjoy life to make all things right, and grow older and get married, maybe for the second or third time, Whatever. It's the way you look at things that makes all the difference.
    We're positive thinkers, right? we want things to go so smoothly that they are great. The world is a place that needs  some work and we're up to the task, right? Together it will happen. So as my dear friend likes to say: shut it you whore, you ruin it for everyone. Just kidding, they all say that, not just the one (oh, not to me, tho. I'm no ruiner). I'm blessed to have friends who are very smart. Emotionally they are on different levels, some of them more married than others, others divorced more that some (it's how you look at it, see?). But all of them try to get it right. But one in particular loves to say "put on your big girl pants and get it done, fucker". I don't own big girl pants, but you get the idea, right? It's a reference to having something that needs to get done and you may not want to do it. Well that's when you do what you may not want to, because it needs to be done. To make things better. And together we can make it the world a better place. So we're gonna try that this year. I'll help you, you help someone and so forth.That's not too bad a deal, if you think about it.
   So let's put on our big girl pants and get to gettin', 2012 style.