Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sugarbabies. Just pop 'em in your mouth.

     Motivation has been down. I recently started feeling worn out, not only does this put my parkour career on the line, it makes me doubt myself about other things. Am I a good kisser? Are corduroy pants back? did they ever go away? Friendship bracelets, do people wear them to make people who don't have facebook jealous? Will I ever visit my exes family and still be friends like we were before we broke up?- I'm not close to having an ex, yet. It shouldn't matter, right?
    Seriously, I didn't feel like posting and writing this stuff down. It's such a downer. You see I forget that when I get impatient or bored or unmotivated and down and don't do anything about it, I start getting mean and taking it out on people around me and since I like to keep people I like around me, well you see the problem, right? It can get ugly.
    I found (after much trial and error) that the best thing to do is get out of my routine, whatever that is at the time I'm getting down, and acknowledge this mood and what it can possibly be about. That is a two step process.
step 1-I have to figure out how I want  to acknowledge this. There is many for me to do this: meditation I found this to work for a long long time.  Writing it down this has been the one with best results for me. It gets my but off the couch. Through music, drawing or painting, and lately I've been trying to dance it out but its not a science so...Thankfully I created this blog. That helps me share the good the bad and like in today's post: Tate, sugarbabies Channing. Seriously though, even when I don't want to talk about something, the fact that I'm updating this daily at some point, means that I've got to look closely when I don't feel like it. I love sharing and hearing from you guys and knowing that others feel the same or find it funny. If I don't feel like doing that well, it's big boy mirror time. I gotta look in the mirror and see what the eff is up.
    So here we are. I feel better already talking and shit (through typing). Let's figure it out together. I hope this helps other people who find it hard to communicate their feelings to others or worse, those who find it hard to admit their emotions to themselves and would rather watch television. YES WE CAN

I've been feeling a little worn down and I can't figure out a way to shake it. I want to shake myself out of comfort zone that just leaves me numb. That however is no  excuse to not boogie down. Listen to this dj music, this little gem that's been out for some years. It's Stevie! And Blue moon by the Marcels put out in 1961, to address the blues and dance shake em off!

If it was as easy as this to get rid of your back problems, everyone would ride Garrity, right? I mean if it helps someone out, of course!

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