Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saturday Jul 23, 2016

Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday Jul 22, 2016

It's Friday, my dear sweet and tasty chimichangos! How did it go? Yesterday was a great hot day and it really drives home the point that summer is here! FINALLY. Drink plenty of water. Keep your eyes on the elderly with no air conditioning;  check in on them daily. Do not forget to stay hydrated,  drink water,  plenty of water. Then jump right into summer. Enjoy it. Republicans have a presidential candidate. He is terribly easy to deconstruct, and the parts are not enough to equal a decent leader of these United States of America.

NBA Pulls All-Star Game Out of Charlotte Over Transgender Bathroom Law HB2


In one of the biggest economic consequences to come out of North Carolina's controversial law that bans transgender people from using bathrooms in accordance with their gender identities, the National Basketball Association has decided to pull the 2017 All-Star game out of Charlotte

Rob Gronkowski twerking at the Super Bowl XLIX Parade

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thursday Jul 21, 2016

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wednesday Jul 20, 2016

Gooooood Wednesday morning my little PupNtacos! It is the middle of the week. I cannot believe how restless my sleep was last night! I kept waking up startled or simply trying to sleep was a chore! I can only imagine too much caffeinated drinks throughout the day was the culprit. What a fiasco. Hope this hasn't happened to you, because it is such a drain. Now the day begins, and we will be on the this crazy train, on the move, Rocking It. We now have the official Republican party candidate to run for the presidency of these United States of America. How exciting. No really, it is exciting. He may live in the white house soon, put there by an angry rancorous set of Americans, that don't mind putting a media clown and the worst type of social whore that these times can birth (and rebirth, full-on fake afterbirth each time; yea fake just for show,  because it's got to look sincere).
   I get it;  feeling hate towards an uncertain world, fearful of the future and your place in it. I actually sincerely do get it. I've met fear, thank you very much.  I just don't understand giving in to the fear, to hate. Giving In To The DARK SIDE,  if you will. Voting based on fear and because of hate for a president who actually HAS managed to make America GREAT AGAIN,  and choosing an unqualified celebrity with very public personal failures, several financial documented bankruptcies, who does not now or ever show an inclination or desire to be a public servant,  yet loudly wishes to take the reins of this country and all of us in it, and LEAD? well I'm speechless to say the least. My goodness, are you guys ready? It's Wednesday! Manwasidrunk. Peace

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tuesday Jul 19, 2016

Tuesday is here, fellas! I am sooo excited for this week and all the craziness that can come with the RNC,  Republican National Convention. I should remind you guys that it is a very real possibility that Donald Trump may be our next president. Hate can make people take dumb turns and make regrettable choices. People are angry (as is common during hard economic times, historically). Some people like dwelling and sitting in their own hate. Don't let yourself get pulled into this terrible disfunction. President Obama seems to have people who hate him no matter what he does, you can only imagine why, but don't get pulled into that cycle of hate. Don't allow yourself to vote just as a reaction or worse as a joke. THANK YOU ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER. We need to keep moving forward and not be left behind as the world moves into the future. Ready My Chimichangos? Let's do this! Manwasidrunk

Monday, July 18, 2016

Monday Jul 18, 2016

It's Monday!!! Back to work everybody!  I know, I know: "but I don't want to be at work". That is the nature of Mondays and work, fellas. I was out last night and boy did I need that. Today, however, it is back to work and working on making the world a better and safer place. I will be wearing big white knee - high boots to feel motivated, and detrrmined. Are you guys ready?  Because manwasidrunk!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Mattachine bar DTLA. JAMES CERNE.  Tonight. SUNDAY.  Sunday Jul 17, 2016

Mattachine bar DTLA.  Tonight. SUNDAY. 

    This place, The Matachine Bar in DTLA really is kinda cool just by nature (design, actually- sorry). It is in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA), one of the most populous cities in the modern world. This is the future incarnate. LA, it really is a wonder, even when you just want it to be a calm place with green lawns that you can rolkerskate your warm evenings through. Nope. You might bump into a drunk celebrity, trying to buy drugs to feel sober enough to do a photo-shoot or bypass a parole situation. THIS IS L*A. We had racial turmoil since well, sincerely forever. We are Mexican, whites, blacks and we we make beautiful babies. It's all the other stuff we need to work on. Stuff like social equality, political balance, understanding of our obvious differences, and then just moving on. Yes, you like tattoos in a certain area of the body, and anything else is unacceptable or a sin, now let's move on. Sure you think this land is solely yours, but it's A LOT of land and it kinda belongs to the Government. Even with your deeds. Let's move on. I am currently at a "gay bar" but who's gonna mind if you're not gay? Not me. I may ask you out for a burger, but all you have to say is no. Move on. Come and join us. Manwasidrunk
The view from Mattachine Bar , right now. SPINNING?  JAMES CERNE.