Wednesday, August 5, 2015


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Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Check Monday for todays post, as this is YESTERDAYS post. Sigh. Teehee

Union station front

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Monday is tearing my heart out! Just kidding Monday is not so bad. I did have a lovely lovely weekend. I was so relaxed and got so much done, that it was the first time in a long time (since JANUARY), that I haven't felt I was running on a deficit of sleep, money, stability or ambition, and it felt very good, my little papi (tas). So Monday is just another glorious day, as far as I'm concerned. Ready and up for anything/anyone. How about you guys? Are you getting everything done that you'd like? All your goals on target? So what if the goal is more sleep and rest...just as long as you're meeting your goals, right?
   BTW - don't forget to allow yourself to get checked to see how deep is your love truly, and vice versa. (The BeeGees will never sound the same to you ever again- teehee)

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Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday -supposed to be Tuesdays cause Mondays post posted Tues.

My dear PupNtacos, as I make my way through this world of two jobs and no extra money (as of yet, because of debts accrued since January), and not really any free time (yep,friends are becoming scarce and super-dance-party time is nonexistent). I am slowly getting adjusted to this schedule. I am not as tired, now that rent is paid my out look is looking phenomenal. My actual day to day doesn't look super sophisticated or chic. I sleep (better), wake up, get stuff done, eat in between and try to stay awake while watching a dvd. I am super thankful, though. Manwasidrunk -ps howdeepisyourlove?

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Sunday, August 2, 2015


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Butt shot in my jockey tighty whities

Saturday, August 1, 2015


Saturday arrived with a big August boom! I slept in. Awww what a great day. I got so much done today. Almost done organizing my DVDs. I have a bigger collection of box sets (Full television seasons, cable series, cooking show dvds, wrestling sets) than I imagined. That is not including the sets I want to get: Southland, Shameless, Jurassic Park set, Xmen set really so so many more). The problem is that all my movies go in a big folder that fits many, many discs. The sets come in kool boxes that you wanna keep intact. It's time to start choosing which boxes will remain and which will go, as I already have a big issue with boxes around my place. I feel boxed in...get it? :-b

Hanes, Thursday

Fruit of the Loom Friday

Friday, July 31, 2015


    The weekend is upon us. I am so ready to chill out. Seriously. I will wake up late tomorrow. Have coffee in a mug, not a travel cup, not a disposable cup. I will not run out in a crazed sleepy daze. I will chill. Rent is due and it will be payed, barely. All the schedule upheaval, from one job to another, with all that docked pay. Two weeks notice is still the standard time mode for transition. I am just glad to be in form, and super ready for Monday. Today,  is Friday though, and that is what we're going to focus on. Full on. Are we ready?
-Sidenote: Funny before it would be a matter of looking and smelling just right before getting the weekend started with an atomic BOOM to a killer soundtrack. All in a fuzzy hyper active blur. Today, I want to be present and get some cleaning done in relative quiet. Maybe a cd or two. But nothing to crazy...that'll be in a few weeks. When I get caught up on bills and sleep! BOOM. Manwasidrunk.

Thursday, July 30, 2015


This was me in the AM
I am much better now.
The coffee did its job.

It's Thursday. I am so ready for this! Okay, maybe not so much today. It is however, just a matter of getting my coffee to kick in. I also have got to get my senses to function. After that then we'll be good. Maybe. I thought I might have some trouble adjusting to this two-job deal. is. Simply because: it's a whole new job! Plus the bullshit from the first job. Old personal beefs, same scheduling improbability, petty, petty. Old jobs are the best. It's why we look for second jobs.