Tuesday, September 16, 2014

minimum wage an embarrasment to California -ugly pretty ugly Tuesday









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metro fares increase despite protests

Monday, September 15, 2014



Now, as I rode the bus the last couple of weekends, I could not help but notice that bus services has been cut. Saturday bus service is extremely poor. You know that the people that ride the bus have little choice of transportation. They mostly ride the bus until they can afford to buy their own car. It is simply environmentally sound to have people ride the bus instead of each jumping into their individual car and crowd the highways polluting the air. Considering that this is LA it really is our only choice and our best alternative for transport. It is clear after riding the bus this weekend, however, the modern buses whose pictures that emblazon this blog: manwasIdrunk! it is clear that there is some issues have been raised. I think they need to be reminded that most people ride the bus system to get from one place to a needed destination. Usually it's to and from work. This is a vital part of the Angeleno day. The rest of the day is pretty much dictated by how and if you got to work on time.If the transportation system is unreliable, by being
B- filled to over capacity (possibly because of reason A),
C-Not frequent enough (resulting in reason B)
You will not want to ride the bus. That is not what we are aiming for, right?
These are reasons to avoid using public transport. Not enough Metro buses on Saturday? Come on. Get real.  More buses on high traffic areas, for sure!
Bus fare in LA goes up to 1.75 flat rate, $5.00 for a day-pass, while minimum wage still under $9.00 an hour. I know that more than a few think that is just ridiculous and an outrage! Just a few years ago Metro system was lending money out to other entities, like a bank, because it was flush with monies. It should have been investing in LA instead. I think the services had improved; cleanliness, availability.

Up till recently I saw an improvement in the system. Then wages started escalating slowly, constantly. There is a reason for that I am sure, but with a system that not so long ago was lending out funds, and in a state that is so populous and yet so many people still living under the poverty line need an economical way to get around this sprawling metropolis. Again the minimum wage is under $9.00 DOLLARS in California. Your base fare is $1.75, your day pass is $5.00 DOLLARS. It looks like we've got some management issues at the Los Angeles Metro offices. The Los Angeles Metro is not ready for the future today. This is Los Angeles, guys! GET IT TOGETHER. We will rise above as Cali always does, if we need some fixin' we'll fix it, wont we? Because we are surely getting ready for the future. --------manwasIdrunk.

LA METRO RAISES FARE- Ugly Pretty Ugly WEEK- Monday




     I hope you all are enjoying yourselves whether you are in the SoCali sun or not. It is nice and hot out here. I am sweating as I write this, but that is okay, I couldn't want anything else, I mean besides a glass of lemonade. I have been putting my resume out there, because I am positive that I am going to make more money soon. I want it. We all do, I believe. Let's make it happen.
    I know that it looks like we are taking a turn, focusing on things that are not altogether pleasant. I feel that so much is going on right now, I just love that. We are so fortunate to be alive during this time. I cannot say that enough. WE ALL ARE SO FORTUNATE TO BE AROUND TO SEE AND PARTICIPATE IN THE NOW.  I know we will not allow something as small as wages that are stagnant (we need that fixed), and public transport that is not mindful of belonging to and forging a direction for the future.We'll fix that as well. It's a work of love. Us, together, forging ahead. I would invite you all along, but that goes without saying. We are all in this together. SO LET'S GET IT RIGHT!!! -manwasIdrunk.







Sunday, September 14, 2014



Ok, so I spent a great deal of time yesterday mulling it over in my tiny head for a bit. I couldn't quite put my finger on how to format this manwasIdrunk! what with us moving forward. You know, progress? and I really only have been focusing on the positive. I couldn't help but just concentrating on the good, I mean besides the set-backs with my internet service provider (I'll get you yet, my pretty!). I have been taking the time to post the things I want in my life and the direction I want my life to be facing and going in. I haven't had the time to waste on negative things that need none of my energies. It's just been that way. Not too much of an effort, really, it just is. So much on the internet, one can easily get sucked into a negative cycle output. Putting out things that are negative in their nature. Recently there have been some goings on out here, that merit some attention, I feel. It is because I feel the need to bring these into the fold that it occurred to me to revisit a section that we had dropped. It was the perfect solution, dedicate a section to the newer questionable goings on that need not pull away from the positive direction we strive to be on. We can use it as we see the need, without looking for negative subject matter to post. I think we are able to adapt to anything, we can fill any need, and if we need to be shining a light in a particular direction well then we should stock up on solar power and energy to fuel this. Are you ready?-Let's do it!

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The Terminator by DirtyGreatPixels




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It is real hot. I am so glad. I cannot even begin to explain how happy that makes me. I mean I do appreciate the happy hot times for sure. That is what makes SoCali soo Cali. I am happy because finally people out here can get a taste of the heat I was talking about. I was begining to think I was going to be made out some type of person that exagerates for no reason. "Oh it is so hot out here you wouldn't believe!" That was me explaining to visitors how hot it was during the last days of Summer (for some reason I was wearing my hair in a ponytail as I recalled that incident-I, however, have no hair O_o ). Now, after what seemed like a cooling trend, it has become SoCali again. It is hot up in hrrre. The air is hot, the sidewalks are scorching. Cars, buildings, benches, all of them hoooOOot. It is okay, actually, more than okay to wear shorts just about anywhere you want. Love it.
I have one request. I will draw the line at wearing those shower sandals with socks. You know the ones proffesional sports players wear while giving interviews in, or as they leave the locker room. Stop that. It is pretentious. It looks dumb when the "proffessionals" wear it. You are not famous enough to not slip on some shoes as you leave your lockerroom/livingroom, or at the very least take off those sports socks. You will not be drafted into the NFL because you dress like a grown man that is too important to live in the real world. While we're on the subject: LADIES please quit wearing pajama bottoms to the supermarket in the middle of the day. We're buying foodstuffs, for crying out loud ;)





Well I showered and this is about as close to a nude as I’ll go.



Saturday, September 13, 2014





Hey everybody! I hope you are all having a great weekend. It is really hot out here in SOCALI. The wind blows making everything nice and dry. In a good way. If I stand in the shade and just let the dry wind all around me it feels pretty nice. If tou have to do any activity in the elements, well then it probably isn't very good for you. In all situations though; drink plenty of water. sat night. 7:59 pm.

ps I hope you all didn't forget to follow me on twitter as soon as I get an account. that way you all will be up to date as to what in the world us at manwasIdrunk up to








Friday, September 12, 2014

papas n' nachos-Friday




The Phantom Planet 1961 (Full Movie)