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Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Hey hey hey It's Thanksgiving eve and many people are doing many things. Some will be eating up a storm tommorow, others will be spending quality time with loved ones, they haven't seen in a while, and eating up a storm. Many will be spending a quiet night alone, by choice, having some wine or coffee, thanking the heavens for some peace and quiet. Others will also be spending the day alone, not by choice, but for inability to socialize well, and anxiety about being around too many unkown people. May I suggest you take a deep breath, and jump right in to anxiety and make it your friend? Chances are if fear and anxiety plague you during this Holiday and others, then you may have anxiety and fear very often. In which case do not allow it to dictate to you where and what you do. Instead, make it your friend, your 'plus one'. Plan to take a little more time catching your breath before entering a crowd, and go around introducing yourself to people you don't yet know, while your 'little friend' tags along. I occasionally ask why I am fearful of particular situations or specific scenarios, sometimes I get answers (eye-opening revelations, yea sometimes), mostly I just become comfortable with my own thoughts and fears. They usually lessen in intensity, when I become comfortable. They don't dictate my life as much. I have difficulty with people I don't know, often my shyness coming off as rudeness. I have to make the effort to not isolate, because that comes easy to me. I try to scedule stuff that doesn't make me a hermit. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a great day today, a happy Thanksgiving tomorrow, and remember to seriously be thankful for what you have. If you aren't happy with what you have, picture/visualize what is it that would make you happy. Most importantly why would those things make you happy specifically. You may surprise you. Lastly I urge you to take advantage of the opportunity to mingle and br in good company, because there are thise that do not have people to mingle with. People that lost their people. I wish you guys peace, now and always-manwasIdrunk

What have you guys got planned for tomorrow and thos weekend? I will be rocking out all weekend. Well I will be playing music and lots of it! While I continue cleaning out my belongings. Guess what guys? I also have a lot of hats. Oh my. I have got to let go of a bunch of those, as they take up a lot of apace. But I will be rocking out as I do this. Seriously how many hats can one wear?wootwoot!

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How low will he go?

Today I have brought the recipe for my world famous doughnut holes and coffee. Now a lot of people saw many things wrong with the idea that I do not make these doughnut holes, in the 'doughnut hole and coffee recipe'. It is true that I did not make the doughnut holes, I did however brew the coffee, and provide the company, both of which are pivitol in this recipe, Okay how about we scrap this as a recipe and instead file it under "instructions on having a great morning with friends"?- that way we'll both feel better. Okay then, we will need a batch oh doughnut holes, procured from your favorite organic open air farmers market, or favorite doughnut shop. Normally I have regular coffee with mah donut-holes, but I obtained this delicious 'gourmet' blend of the same brand I usually buy, and let me tell you; yummers. I can actually taste the difference. I love this coffee! So listen, normally I like to eat my doughnut holes in solitude, so as to not be judged by the noises I make when eating these aaaall up. Ha Ha! (up top my noisy moaning eaters!). But let's begin being more social, and this is a perfect situation to share with some one you haven't seen in a while. Your one neighbor that you don't despise, but still avoid, invite him over or invite yourself in. Don't stay too long to become unwelcome, but finish them holes and make some polite chatter. Then try to pencil some kind of get-together soon. You both need to get out anyways, right? Perfect socializing, done. Hey you finally might get company to watch all those Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson movies you love so much,maybe... you'll never know until you get the energy and nerve to leave your room. Yay-manwasIdrunk


Sunday, November 23, 2014


It's Sunday, the weekend before Thanksgiving , out here in the USA. It's going down! It's on! I am so glad I work for a company that doesn't work, or open on Thanksgiving...yet. My heart goes out to those folks that have to work on this, what used to be a unifying Holiday. Shools would let out, parents also had these days off, and familial chaos ensued! Sorry if you looked forward to these days and instead are scheduled to work. Many people don't like connecting with their people, my heart doesn't go out to you, if you have to work, as it suits you fine. Also my heart doesn't go out to you if you're going 'Black Friday' shopping shortly after (if at all) consuming your turkey dinner, on thursday. Making those poor people work the registers, selling you stuff that shines and blinks and things that will be soon out of style. Good look getting that item you cannot do without this season. I give you a hug from here to wherever you may be, nonetheless. I wish you all a happy time this season. May it be filled with warm fuzzy feelings and clarity of direction, to giude your journey in the coming year. May that journey lead you to more fuzzy warm feelings, for sure!-manwasIdrunk

                          What's not to love about giving/receiving gifts?

    Giving gifts you personally make is one of my favorite things in the world. There is something absolutely fulfilling about giving something you made or assembled, collected or gathered with your own hands. Gifting always makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. I don't know why that is, but it is. It is a feelgood task, on any day of the week. It is a two sided street, however, this gift-giving, and both parties are immensely important in this social interaction. I have known individuals to actually dislike being given gifts from anyone in a public manner, regardless of the number of witnesses (be it one witness, or several). It is not a very uncommon thing, really because this action of publicly giving someone a gift automatically brings attention to the person receiving the gift. This attention truly mortifies some of the shyer people. Truly. I am a person who enjoys receiving gifts for sure. It is a great thing for someone to want to give me something. I publicly state the upcoming occasion. I announce it, it may go something like: Attention everyone! gifts and hugs are now being accepted! (for any upcoming birthday or holiday). It wasn't always the case, however, I was one of the shy ones, painfully shy. I understand that it is not a bad thing receiving gifts, publicly, I just wasn't used to it. Making an announcement about accepting gifts, helps me open up to the fact that people conduct themselves differently. I am open to the fact that people openly demonstrate gratitude and emotions, even if openly we never did, when growing up (probably for fear of turning into blubbering emotional messes). Such is life. My announcing openness is a defense against being surprised, perhaps embarrassed at being surprised;
caught off guard, being emotionally vulnerable (heaven forbid), at least publicly. I am a male after all. Men still are supposed to act a certain way. I'm hip to it; Appearances, appearances, chimichangos. So you see both people involved enter into an agreement of sorts when giving a gift.
    A little more complex it the question: Does the emotion have to be reciprocated, is it simple generosity? That is to say: Is the gift simply a gift? Is there an intended secondary motive with the gift? If it's an expensive gift, does the gifter expect a gift in return of similar monetary value? Perhaps the gifter wants to elevate his status by giving a grandiose gift. This depends on what the gift means to the person giving the gift. Was the the gift a valuable gift to the person giving the gift? - depends on the person's relationship with money (do they have much or little of it), did they spend a lot of time picking it out?, ordering the right size, color etc. It can evolve and be broken down into such detail that the head hurts. Should you have difficulties with this yourself I will provide my learned response: I do not read minds. Not yet. I cannot begin to imagine the ulterior motive for giving someone a gift, if there is a secondary motive beyond the simple act of gifting. I cannot possibly know, realistically. I do, however know, that giving a gift can be simply a feelgood action. I take it at face value and know that we both benefit from a gift giving. Now, when I am the person giving a gift. I do know that my time is valuable. If I want to make a gift for someone, I will do it gladly, if I have the ability and time, because I benefit from it, greatly. I love making someone a present. LOVE IT. So go on and take part in the time honored tradition of giving gifts to people you like, but do it because you like giving them and not because of any secondary motive, it's too much work for that, and besides it gives people headaches- manwasIdrunk


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Friday, November 21, 2014

Jimmy Fallon-Bono injured, Jimmy does a good U2 with ROOTS-Friday Hey hey hey it's my chimichangos! How you all doin? I am pretty good, ready for the weekend, trying to summon all the good available jobs to see if I can fish one for me. I am getting used to the terrible idea that I may have to get a second job. This started becoming very popular when companies started cutting back hours for full time workers, therby cutting the benefits they had to provide to workers #sigh. I get it companies want to give themselves any profit they can. I get cutting corners and benefits. I don't like it, but I get it. Have you guys been thinking about your gifting possibilities, budget and candidates? I am done compiling a list of all the important people in my life (but are you ever really done?). I have tallied up the numbers and now I am figuring how much dineros will I need to make this happen. I am so thankful for all the great, beautiful people in my life. I haven't always gotten along with all of them, all the time, but I have grown into the man I am now with their assistance, and my hard work. You guys too, give it up to yourselves, nobody really tells you to give yourselves props. But go ahead and don't just chastise yourselves for what you didn't achieve, pat yourselves on the back for resisting the urge to be a dirtbag to certain people that possibly deserve it. You guys are good people, with good hearts, generally speaking, so let's give thanks to those around us that keep us grounded and happy. I know I will. PEACE- manwasIdrunk!