Saturday, December 20, 2014

Saturday 1980s

Stephen Colbert dressed as Legolas for EW’s Hobbit-themed cover

Stephen Colbert is a beautiful creature.  
Stephen Colbert dressed as Legolas for EW’s Hobbit-themed cover

Stephen Colbert is a beautiful creature.

Stephen Colbert dressed as Legolas for EW’s Hobbit-themed cover

Stephen Colbert is a beautiful creature.  
Stephen Colbert dressed as Legolas for EW’s Hobbit-themed cover

Stephen Colbert is a beautiful creature.


Friday, December 19, 2014

Mary J- The London Sessions-Friday

FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY ! It is finally here. I am keeping my pace of running up and down town like a chickenLittle declaring: The sky is falling! The sky is not falling It is fact in its rightful place looking gray, for once, during the appropriate time of year. Love it. It's been a while since the sky was wintery looking during the winter. I had been so warm these last couple of years that even in winter, when the temperature drops, the sky is looking like late spring, all sunny and bright. I liked that too, but we miss the rain, here in SoCali. Now it is here and our sweaters and jackets are out en force. Oh yea we're ready, looking all winter fashionable. Garth Brooks is Back! with another album and tour. Did you guys see him on Jimmy Kimmel? They looked friendly enough, cool. I am so bummed I never saw him during his stay in LAS VEGAS. It is probably for the best, as I would of been a blubbering mess if he sang anything off FENCES. He is such an internatunal public figure that it cannot be easy being so famous and appearing so down to earth. I'm sure the money helps B-) GARTH. Are you guys ready for XMAS? Followed a week later by NEW YEARS?? Stop worrying, watch a video, get some sleep-manwasIdrunk-I'm Mr. Blue.

Thursday, December 18, 2014


I am still looking at available jobs as I still need to start making more money. A lot more money would be nice. Pay off some bills. I have been eyeing a couple of interesting opportunities that I have applied for. Let's make it happen, this year or the next, but pretty soon. I am also waiting for a call from my clinic in regards to being seen this week for my eyesight. This week is almot over. Keep your LadyFingers crossed ;-)

Thursday is here and Christmas is a week away! Oh snap! How quick was that?? I told you guys drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep because these days just fly by and you may have to move in fast paced mode just to keep up. Don't worry, there is always time to take time. What happens when you take time to take everything in and are thankful for what you have and what you have done it seems to slow things down. So If you find yourself loosing control of time and your life during these hectic, hectic times just grab a pen and notepad and watch a couple of these -- > ASMR videos (on the side of this blog manwasIdrunk). As you start to relax watching one of these vids, your mind will become flooded with things you still haven't done, have yet to do, or are running behind on. Write it down. All the things that need to be done: write them down, all of them until your mind is done with worries and to-do's. Then you can watch another video calmly, and give thanks and appreciate all that you do have and you will find yourself relaxing and getting a hold of your time and life, again. That is what these videos do for me, try them, now and whenever you need to focus and gather your senses. I would love for all of us to just appreciate these days, just like all days, that we are alive. Slow down. Remember the roads are filled with people in a hurry so allow for some extra time to get to your destination. Leave your house a little earlier, watch for hurried drivers, drink plenty of water and get some sleep.

We will always have something to worry abouy. Your mission? not to worry and enjoy this life and all the people you care about. That is all. Are you ready?-manwasIdrunk

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Jimmy Kimmel- GARTH BROOKS-Wednesday


Aha! I did it! Laundry, cleaning of mess and good sleep! Who says we can't do it all? I would have figured my sleep would not be so good, but it was. I slept great. I cleaned restroom, got my hair did, all before going to bed. I am so ready for today!

How are you all doing today? I hope you all are in a reflective mood this time of year and are thankful for all we have in our lives right now. Our lives are so full and complex and as happy as we want to be. Can you imagine living in a different time? Nope. I cannot imagine living in a time gone by where I know what I know about life, the world, people. No way. We are advancing technologically, so quikly, it's easy to feel left behind, that is just a normal feeling to have now a days. We are much more aware of how similar we all are to each other. We may not all want to acknowledge that, and remain ignorant about other races and creeds, but that is a choice and a peace one makes with their soul. I am thankful for the chance to be alive now know many people from many different places, and not be limited to my little box. How someone gets or feels superior or a distaste, let alone a hate, for a whole group of people is beyond my understanding or comprehension. I will never know, that type of generalization, and I am also thankful for that. I do know that I am open to knowing anything new and exciting. Knowledge, is awesome and whomever teaches me knowledge is okay in my book, whatever race or creed they may be, is irrelevant.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


oh no my little PeanutBrittleBitties! It is day 2 of this new week and I am barely able to catch my breath! I fell asleep last night when I only meant to rest my eyes o_O I slept twisted, and woke up twisted with a body in pain! I jumped up, turned off the television, turned off the alarm and screamed ooww! LOL. After a quick laugh ('cause you just gotta laugh on mornings like these, hamigos) I made coffee and tried to wake up. Work. WERK.Anyway you say say say (still got the 80's on mah mind y'all) it, it's still a four letter word on days like today. You gotta laugh folks. It keeps you young. It's cold-ish and rainy-ish here in LALA. I will pick up my messy, messy living quarters tonight as I have not these past couple o days. I have been having tons of fun, despite all the messiness of these days that do not seem to end anytime soon. That is life sometimes MESSY. So forget about how you look and jump right in, two feet at a time and enjoy this life. Live. You know what I'm saying? fuck all the pain, stress, and anxiety and just jump right in. NO VANILLA SKY. not anymore. Are you ready? manwasIdrunk

Monday, December 15, 2014


What is up my enchurritos? The week has begun and I am off and running! I have been having some pain that I am attributing to the pressure and stress of all the things that I am juggling, in my life. I get that from time to time. I get back pain or a pain in the arm as a symptom of stress. I recognize that it happens in times of stress. So I have to daily take five and adress that stress and acknowledge it's impact on my state of mind and mood. I won't run from the stress, anymore. I will calmly take inventory of the components of said stress; are all components unavoidable? That is to say do I really need to do what brings me stress? If the answer is yes, then worrying or griping about it does nothing but waste time and energy. Energy I can spend dancing or having capuccinos with all my fancy friends (okay, not that fancy and regular house blend coffee will do the job , but still). I will not waste energy that way anymore. Stress we all have to put up with, and back or arm pain will just have to wait (ain't nobody got time for that!)-manwasIdrunk

Sunday, December 14, 2014


Oh oh my little taquitos-fajitos, do I need to tell you guys, or can you already guess that yesterday, the birthday festivities went on well into the night? I had a crazy week and didn't know I needed to cut loose and let some steam off until I was all up in cutting loose and steaming well into the wee hours. I was dancing nonstop to a "80's" playlist and eating genuine tacos provided by an amazing local catering service. I didn't know I loved HEAVEN 17 quite so much, who knew? Today, I woke up in genuine pain I can only guess because I didn't plan to stay out so late in the cold night, and possibly felt guilty for cutting loose without planning on it. I do that sometimes and there is nothing I can do to prevent the guilt from sneeking up. Except deal with it accept it and move on. I have to accept that I am not a robot and sometimes I gotta break with the program, a program I set up, mind you. I have to give myself a break and not feel unworthy just because I don't act according to plan always. That is just life; a series of compromises to get from point A to B. I had great fun last night and I will not feel terrible. Done. I wish I could do it all again tonight! I won't because there is no more birthdays today and I will not force a situation. If presented with a similar situation, I AM ALL OVER IT.-manwasIdrunk

I woke up a little later than usual but fully commited to having a great day and a full day. The day is still not over and I am still with energy. I expect a great and full week, and end o' year. I see it not stopping or slowing down, therefore I need to keep hydtated and I mentioned I am taking Omega 3, yes? Well I am, and I feel great! I still need to get a call back from my doctor as to when I will be squeezed into his schedule this week to review my test results, and proceed with a treatment for my vision. I am preparing for this week by sleeping and eating well. I saw a movie in IMAX and it turned out to be kinda loud. Too loud, in fact and I will take note when this director releases next film. As I do not want to pay to have my ears blasted for arts sake, that is. The movie was good and fun but I have to approach this guys films with caution. I should have remembered this directors excessive use of sound as a medium to indicate fright and terror from his last film. And weigh in with the PROS and CONS. I have never noticed sound as a downside until I watched his movies. Weird.

I am so excited this week is gonna be awesome. Are you guys ready?