Friday, April 27, 2012

NOHO Thursday. BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS-oh hell no-Is this HOMEWORK??

NO NORTH HOLLYWOOD-YES, it's true I will be gone for a spell. I know it seems like I just came back from my previous trip, but I like to plan ahead and make sure I have time set aside for me, nowadays . I spent too much time on others and this is sort of a new thing I'm doing. I don't want to leave you without much to do, so I've posted some stuff I've found and hope you can benefit from. They're books!! Books in different forms.
    I put the Charles Dickens in my player and was so damn surprised at how good it sounds. Try it, it did it thinking of you (wink wink)


George Orwell ANIMAL FARM.             Manor Farm.

If you thought you'd like to read more classic books or just books in general but don't find the time or patience, well maybe the movie will get you in the mood to apply yourself to the book. Some folks frown on the movie version of books because you don't get to use your imagination as fully as when reading. You are seeing characters through a directors eyes. While I get that, I'd rather have people get the classics one way or another, less and less I find this to be true. I don't care how you find To Kill A Mockingbird, so long as you do. This, however, is Animal Farm.




As I said before, I'd like to make things easier for people. If I find something that I feel may be useful to someone then I will gladly pass it along. I don't mean to offend people that already know about this form of  getting information, in this case books being read to you, I just figured if you don't you know. Hope you get some use out of it. If you don't but know someone who may, pass it along. Peace! my big whoppers.

Thanks to CC, and YouTube's accessibility,  THIS is an audio book. If you'd like to read more but are too tired and it's just been years since you last read one, that is a shame, maybe this can help. A book has been read and recorded so you can listen to it while in essence someone reads to you. Some people frown upon this as you are not reading it yourself. If you read along, I think it is the same thing. Maybe you'll move on to reading one yourself once you are back in the habit. cool?-cool.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


                           TUJUNGA WASH

gate at NOHO entrance
wild berries at NOHO entrance


Walk along the wash
and RELAX...

LAST night I menioned how surprised I was at finding whole albums on YOUTUBE. Bypass altogether the track by track business. Just press play and hear straight through, I love it. I personally like to hear whole albums at least once to hear what the people making it were trying to say. If some statement is being made as a whole by the band as opposed to the lead track being played on the radio by some promoter trying to sell me something, air time soap or a stupid song. I ain't buying if it's no good. I suppose people can just listen to a single and be okay with that. I've never been that way, if I like a single I sure as fuck want to hear the rest of the stuff. If it's good, is it a set like headlights, does it come in pairs ? or more? I love it when a band puts out a record and it is well made and it speaks to you...AHHH.
    More often than not the stuff sucks, few new bands put more than 3 good songs on a full length CD. This whole Album on YOUTUBE biz is good in that you can check out new bands and if you like it maybe you'll buy it. That way the artist can afford to make more good stuff.

    I will be gone for a few days. You will hear nothing from me as I've got places to be and things to do for a week. I'll miss you guys, for sure. This whole blog idea has been way better than I could ever have imagined. It's really helped me and I've had fun. I hope you had some fun also. I leave SATURDAY. The reason I bring this up is that I wasn't sure If I should write some deep meaningful post today and tomorrow nite. But last night I found the missing counterpart for what I had scheduled for FRIDAYS post. These posts will not be deep and sad. They will keep you busy if you feel like it, I mean for a bit. You may be too busy to get through this stuff and I sure as hell understand but If you get bored with the stuff out there and want something new or something different check this out uninterrupted :WHOLE ALBUMS
1984. A different 1984. A better 1984

Mellow out, it ain't such a big a deal

not OK COMPUTER, I figured everyone's heard that one. But what about where I end and you begin (the sky is falling in)  or  Scatterbrain painfully good. Oh and by the way there's a wolf at the door, HA!

This is not Masters at Work, mind you, this is a tribute to MAW, mix by Dave Domenicano. HOUSE. PROPER.

If you gotta have it dirtier, grittier, meaner and leaner







Wednesday, April 25, 2012



For everyone who said it couldn't be done...I done did it. Been walking everyday now. It's not a week yet, but soon enough. I figured I should try to get it in at some point of the day. In the morning, in the evening, it didn't matter as long as it got done. I've got tons of things going on at a time that it's just hard to plan something that takes so much time. But I'm doing it in NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CALI. I'm getting my sweat on. I can barely wait until my energy catches up. I'll let you know. How are we doing?-ARE WE GOOD?

Let me know.

This has got so much energy from the word go it's fuckin' ammaaaaaazing. I literally wanted to go apeshit the first time I heard the levels of crazy messy energy going on. I still lose it when I come across this shit by accident when it either plays on shuffle or like today when I came across the whole album by accident. It's the whole album available for how long? -who knows. Enjoy it while you can for free. I can hear it from begining to end and just want to bounce off of every bit of surface around me. I hope I always feel like this about music. I hope music can continue to be this crazy good. They broke up, and we got the super messy Fuck Forever by BABYSHAMBLES but this was first.


THIS IS THE WHOLE ALBUM apparently all of it... enjoy.


it's getting warmer

and warmer



what?? Gross...What???-check this out.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

NOHO Tuesday.


Great song. Thanks.
I have been doing a couple of things different in the last couple of days. I am so excited. I am seeing things starting to change. . . in a good way. I hope things are going just great if not better for you guys. Let me know. I haven't received any news recently. It's like I'm on an island called NOHO.






Where is everyone at? -GOODSVILLE  I imagine.


Monday, April 23, 2012

NOHO MONDAY. Let's do it

Monday is here. What a crazy weekend it was. I liked it. I did so much and was not at all tired. I have the energy of several horses. I hope you all had a good one. By the number or responses I got, I think it's safe to say that you did. Now, Let's do this Monday biz. Are we ready?