Sunday, March 25, 2012

TATUM CHANNING IS NOT RELATED TO CAROL. I don't think I want to dance for a living anymore.

No, they are not related.
Tatum Channing is in fact not really related to Carol Channing as I believed up to two weeks ago. You look at him and think here was another actor/pretty face with an enchanted life that makes one just sick with disgust. I have since seen a couple of his movies because they seemed so ridiculous they had to be funny.  He can't possible take his movies serious. No one can. Not yet anyways, if ever. He is very pretty to look at, though. He has been blessed with the pretty genes.  After seeing several of his movies in the past and after today I now think I have some kind of man crush on him. Not like make out with his face sorta thing ('cause everyone knows that would be STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN- just kidding Stone Cold-Only if it was a life or death situation). I like watching his movies. THE TATE (that is what I would call him if we hung out, you know) looks like he doesn't take himself too serious, either. I recently (today) saw 21 Jumpstreet the Movie (YES YES I did). I can stand to see Tatum do anything, really, that seems to be the bottom line.
    I know. Nobody cares to see another television show remake. This is not the best television show remake, either (that would be TRANSFORMERS, or Charlies Angles {YES YES I said Charlies Angels, McGee knows his way around pretty women and making eye candy}). I liked it, though, lots. I laughed out loud in the theater and was not one bit self conscious.  I really like seeing buddy movies, feel good movies, likeable puppy dog dorks in action movies are cool and if one of them happens to be Tatum, well...nuff said. Who's buying popcorn?

 I don't think I want to dance for a living anymore. As many of you know I had been doing situps and drinking water in hopes of doing some dancing as a career move. Two things have happened since that post.
One: I have fallen off my routine of doing situps and hydrating.
Two: I now want to consider this instead of dancing as a career change: PARKOUR!!!

Let me know what you think.

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