Tuesday, September 30, 2014



what is happening mah little petshop puppies?? I hope you guys are doing better than better. I hope you are all greater than great. May your self esteem just be rocketing sky high and allow you to get so many things done, that you wish days were flat out longer. Get a stretching of your muscles and bones in that long day of yours. It is sooo good for you. I have been doing some abdomen exercises that should help out my stomach not be so weak. Bending and lifting legs, how it burns! I have been taking some pictures of my ride to and from work. Give people who've never been to LALA a little glimpse. We are a desert and lawns came at a price, but here is the actual natural landscape.~ manwasIdrunk.





Monday, September 29, 2014




On the ride to work. Los Angeles.

I think today is starting off pretty good. I had 30 minutes to exercise and after that I spent another 30 min. stretching out. I have got to tell: you that 30 minutes of stretching just made my morning feel amazing. It was like taking a nap and having some more coffee after a shower. Give it a try. Find a pole (sure a stripper pole works just fine), then hold on to it while you stretch your arms, and calves, legs. You won't feel the same. - manwasIdrunk




Sunday, September 28, 2014



It is windy and beautiful out in the NOHO, Y'ALL! What is going on in your part of the woods? Make every moment count! How about a coffee break or a tea party? so what if it's just you! Take a moment to relax and plot your succeses this coming week. It is going to rock!


I am listening to Bon Iver ( I think i'ts pronounced bone eye-ver). It mellows out with an odd singing style. I hope you Sunday is just going as good as possible if not better. I was looking to make sure it won't rain before stepping out today, but it would be pretty cool to get wet. Oh snap that is the title of my first major label debut album: GET WET. See you never know where inspiration is gonna come from. Where is my tape recorder...I put it around here somewhere...manwasIdrunk.





Saturday, September 27, 2014



metro blue line is broken. We here at manwaIdrunk have been getting word from our sources on the street ( in reality just a distant cousin that we never see but lives near LongBeach-He's too good for LA but he's not to good to constantly attemt to borrow money from his relatives who do live here hmmm). Word on the street is that without explanation the Metro Blue Line will stop for 10-15 minutes shortly after leaving Downtown Los Angeles. It appears that it will sit immobile, whith its passengers left to their own devices, as cramped and as hot as it can fit with people piled in. People leaving from downtown offices and jobs hoping to get home to rest and some microwaved dinner (oh- that's just me?)while avoiding heavy traffic on the streets. Note:These daily unscheduled and time-sucking stalling breaks come weeks after a year of repairs to the Blue Line that made the rail shut off unexpectadely. Forcing customers to wait while repairs were made. On other occassions you were diverted at the Downtown hub and shuttled by bus to a seperate stop where you would catch the Blue Line. All time consuming issues that do NOT lend themselves to a intelligent arguement about why one should ride public transporttation. Thinking twice about riding Metro? That is my point exactly. PLEASE PLEASE Fix the Blue Line properly. It has years been in the process. Get yourselves together over there and fix public tranaportation. Let's hire the right people.Let' s get people that want the job of being creative with advertising and sponsorship for a system that sees and has access to countless people daily, all before 10:00 AM. That is every single day. Los Angelenos are simply so many and transalate to so much ttaffic and so much exposure to ANY company or corporation. It is not an option, it is simply what we need to happen. No lie. We can totally set an example. LEADERSHIP is the key. THIS IS L.A.-manwaIdrunk.


It has been quite a week here. A lot of stuff happened. I am not going to lie. It has been a big week emotionally. I am foremost thankful for all the good things in my life. I want to shout it out or ASMR it to you. I wish you all the same, if not better, above all else. I cannot stress it enough. I feel so blessed and fortunate. I hope your weekend kicks butt. I hope your week has some pleasant surprises for you and my you pass your good fortune and happiness to thise around you.-manwasIdrunk!








Friday, September 26, 2014





Hot tradie cub!

Hey HEY hey, what is going on, this Friday, my taquitos รก la mode? I was caught off gaurd as I watched Conan O'brien last night; I was laughing up a storm until I was't. You see I could no longer laugh as I had fallen asleep with the television on. I had worked the previous night until very late, way past my bedtime (btw Thanks to everyone who helped with project "This job sucks and waaaay underpays" the night before, you know who you are ;-)fellow co-workers). Then I turned around and worked very early the next day (o-o thanks boss! Just happy for the hours is all!). I thought I was fine until the warm night watching some television turned into early morning stumbling around looking for the remote control. I fell asleep. It's always funny to wake up wondering what the fuck...where...what...oh...okay. I'm good now. Slept well enough to cure hangover, if I had one. I did not. Don't forget fellas to make this weekend a niiice weekend filled with giggkes fun and dancing because...well you can do those things. And enjoy your weekend fully, enough to begin next week with gusto! and ready for anything even if your job is crappy and doesn't pay well. Don't I know it well. I've been there.-manwasIdrunk http://xhmhmhx.tumblr.com/post/81346487966 rubootsoz:

Holding up a wall! http://tradies2000.tumblr.com/post/97591675564/rubootsoz-holding-up-a-wall http://tradies2000.tumblr.com/post/98169355894

Thursday, September 25, 2014



I hope you are all doing pretty good and feeling like you can take on the world. You'd be correct in thinking this way. I am gonna tell you all a little secret (I have two middle fingers on one hand [just kiddin' I just wanted to see if yo could picture that ]). SERIOUSLY:If you perceive things to be one way they can be. I would like to just like to take this opportunity and tell you that if you want to feel like the world is your oyster and you are the pearl, well then you are. Go on you irradescent being you! Make it all about you. You deserve to be the center of your world, just remember, other people are busy being the center of their worlds, too, and it's all good.

Sometimes, though, I meet people that don't make themselves the center of their world, and maybe sometimes they should, without feeling guilty about it. There is a sadness about them, I just want to say:take today off and get a massage. Other times, like today, I encounter people that speak waaay louder than an indoor voice needs to be. They insist on being the center of everybody's world within earshot. We get it, you are not invisible, you will not be ignored. Now turn the volume on that squack-box you call a voice to half of whatever it is you think people have conversations at, some of us are trying to concentrate on living.I have met people who insist on playing their music louder than their ears should require in a confined space, like the bus. Might I suggest some .99¢ headphones. We don't all think your music is so good as to be forced to listen to it before I can get my second cup of coffee in. I get the idea of getting pumped, or psyched off of music. I love agood party jam. That's a-okay, but what I migjt consider a great partaaay jam, you may consider the wailings of someone who suffers from constipation regularly, for fun even. Right, it's freaking awesome in your head, but what if your music is not as tough, hard or as good as you think? Headphones.








Wednesday, September 24, 2014



I hope you guys are having the best time ever. I hope you are laughing up a storm just being yourself. I spent a good part of this morning allowing my doggies to make me laugh. I laughed so hard. Just their expressions can send me into a fit. The way they look at me suddenly makes me take notice. I wonder, what the hell are they up to? I talk to them, which changes their expressions and behavior. I laugh very easily. And then it's a downhill laughfest as they go after me. I also had a good laugh writting something for this blog. I am such a dork and I will make myself laugh so hard sometimes. I get much more joy when I share things, however, so I do just that. You should have no fear, as I will not keep these to myself. Often before posting something I giggle like a little gurl. I try to make laughter a big part of my life, I forget to mention that. I suppose it is because much of it ends up on here: manwasIdrunk. But I seek out comedy and funny things with which to lighten up a day, any day of the week. I hope you guys are laughing it up. I just do.Keep it real y'all *real funny- manwasIdrunk.



It is not that hard to develop a habit. I am sure many of you have had experience with these. Many of you have had many experiences with these. It is pretty easy to develop a habit, particularly those considered bad habits, mainly because they are detrimental to your health, mental or physical. They are somehow very easy to adquire. You do something enough times, and soon you have a habit. If you join a buddy who is a smoker during break-time, after enough times you may start smoking. Smoke enough times, you may soon have a habit.
(Funny enough sidenote* the growing number of people that smoke pot, regularly, will argue passionately about how they are not addicted to pot smoking. Not many doctors come out publicly against pot smokers, yet, as was the case with cigarrettes. PUBLIC WARNINGS APLENTY. I believe the future will have these after many people have been widely afflicted. Why the wait??)
What I am getting at is that if you can develop habits that affect you negatively; monetarily or health-wise, why not nurture habits that will affect your life positively. You wake up daily, you go to sleep daily, you eat daily. Then you do it again, and again. Well you can develop a habit that you want to have if as soon as you wake up before every meal or before going to bed you put this habit-to-be in practice. Easy enough, right? Just saying, if you can so easily develop bad habits, why not good ones?



Tuesday, September 23, 2014



What is up my dear chimichangos? It is Tuesdaaaay. How is your week shaping up so far? Don't forget you are the captain of your ship. And you go wherever you want to. If you want to be stressed and miserably sad well that is a very easy place to get to. If you want to be navigating and enjoying yourself in happier waters, and who doesn't, well you can do that. All you gotta do is check your navigation daily; making sure your body, your spirit and your environment is in harmony. It can be done. Take five minutes in the morning to see what you want acheived in your day, picture how that looks, and the mood you want to be in, when all is acheived. Then set that image free into the world. At the end of the day take 5 minutes to check how you did. Give yourself credit for all acheivements done. Then see yourself relaxing through the night. Recharging your energies, while you rest. Getting ready to set sail next day again. Then repeat. Ready?-manwasIdrunk



I have been a little preoccupied what with thinking about the state of public transportation in this city of angels, and how we are moving into the future, as sure as the earth spins like a funny shaped basketball. It is an amazing time to be alive even with the minor setbacks that a hike in fares on our public trasport in a financially worried time. It just means we have to demand better management of these entities. We have to appoint leaders who will be creative when it comes to figuring ways to balance moving forward without laying all financial burdens at the feet of government and the poor.
It's nothing but a little thing. Surely we can create some type of sponsorship from all these media companies that want to invade all manner of public space with all type of gaudy adverts. Come on, this type of financing has been floating around for over a decade LOS ANGELES. Take down those tacky and distracting LED billboards, and instead sell limited ad space on busses and trains. Let companies sponsor public restrooms and luxury busses, while the city worries about and provide all types of insurace policies to cushion a companies' sponsorship. Let's replace all the politicians that are not moving forward with us.EASY-PEASY *LET'S MOVE INTO THIS. -manwasIdrunk