Sunday, March 18, 2012



I just found myself sitting here and thinking of how lucky we are to have what we have. Since I don't know you each personally...yet, I don't know the specifics of your situation, you know? Therefore,that can be different things to different people. Money, love, sex, spirit, mobility, good looks,hope. WHATEVER you have. And without knowing the specifics, I'm pretty sure we all have something, at least one thing. It may be overlooked, forgotten or taken for granted.

    But sometimes, I wonder about people who are sad and don't want to be anymore. People who are tired of being angry. People that may want to change and don't know how. Don't give up. Change comes whether you want it or not. Just stay focused, and remember what it is you want to change to, so when change comes knocking on your door, you know what choice to make, and which direction you want to follow. Stay focused, I cannot stress that enough. Change doesn't come only during New Years. It can come anytime, if you really want to. That's interesting, right?    
    Anyone that know me, knows I'm a lover of popular music. Music can change the mood, almost instantly, like magic. Some people believe just the cd case itself can physically alter your brain chemicals and by doing so your mood. They believe that some music is positive and some negative. Some brings you down, some picks you up.Some was made with happiness in the heart. Other music was made from a broken heart and all sorts of other dark things. Therefore some people think that the mere sight of the case will affect your mood. Depending on your choice of music, you affect your mood. So following that thought, you get to pick your mood every time you pick your music, it can be a smile or frown. The choice is yours.
    I like my music to Bounce (more bounce to the oz. fo sho), Groove, Rock, most of all to move me, for the most part that is. Other times it can soothe, lull and quiet when I need to calm down, rest my whirlwind mind. And if I'm sad, I can organize music in an order that recognizes the sadness but is designed to shake me out of the blues and end in a giant bass filled bump and grind. CAUSE ITS SUNDAY AND THAT MEANS:


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