Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dudes, Messing around. -Thursday.

Those people that are unsure about it, let me just be clear about one thing: Sit-Ups hurt.

dudes, or chicken?
dudes this week went by so quick. Tomorrow is Friday. You know what that means: MOVIE FRIDAY. That is correct that means that we'll be able to see a full length movie for free courtesy of YOUTUBE. In the past we have seen a Charlie Chaplin Classic, some gladiators and some cowboys, all great fun, if you like 'em cheap and what could be cheaper than free. We already have tomorrows movie lined up and you wont believe this one. If you have any suggestions for cheap movies or any submissions (maybe old home movies of you practicing different tasks or different accents while doing different tasks or better yet, doing your very own shows, let us know, maybe we'll all get lucky).

                          Did you guys ever see RESCUE ME? It's off the air now but it's on dvd

                             THIS DUDE IS GARRITY, AND HE HAS A LITTLE PROBLEM

                                                                    New BLOG design
     What did you guys think of the new design for this blog. It's part of the pictures I took while on vacation this year. Hope you liked 'em. I certainly did enjoy taking them, so much. I can still remember the sounds of the wind and distant city life while standing on top of those man-made hills. I really was like traveling back in time.

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