Saturday, December 31, 2011

We Made it!! Yay!!

    End of year post.
Aww, Christmas is gone. Hope everyone got what they hoped for, hope everyone wished for peace on earth and fulfillment, yea probably not. I still hope everyone got what they wished for. Now the end of the year is here. Let's do this.
    I'm gonna close my eyes. I'm going to take a couple of deep breaths get a rhythm of some kind inhale through the nose (oxygen to vital parts), exhale through the mouth. Slow and steady until all is calm. Try it, go on...and picture what a good year looks like. What it entails and how big it can get. Do you want to be wishy-washy about job? blase about life? indifferent towards loved ones? Or EXCITED ABOUT LIFE?, GLAD FOR EVERYDAY THAT CHANGE IS POSSIBLE? GLAD TO HAVE PEOPLE AROUND US WHO CARE IN THEIR OWN WAY THAT WE ARE DOING ALRIGHT? Come now what does it look like guys??? You don't have to tell us, but you have to specifically see what it looks like to you. If you can see it, it's possible. Can you see it.
    I thought I might want something different this coming year, something big you know what I mean? I imagined something life changing and life reaffirming. I slowed myself down and thought about what I would change about last year. I started to remember this past year and it was so good, I couldn't find anything I'd change about it. When finally tallied up, it turns out I made out like a bandit. It was a wiked good year, hella good, totally awesome possum all around.
    Last year , I went camping, survived a mother bear and cubs near mis-hap on said camping trip. I also went to river and lake. I went to the swimming pool. Stood up to boss all year, and ended year on happy work schedule.I got a pup sort of. I made new friends (kinda hard for me, don't know why). I saw some old friends again. I saw old friends struggle to find footing and home and love. I'm in the best health I've been in years. I'm grateful to have so many people that love me and whom I love and was blessed with time to spend with them. Of great significance to me, I started this blog and am having the best time with it. I'm having my first new year with blog. Now it just seems like a very special year is now leaving us. So, I guess I don't want a much bigger year. I liked this past year. I know what a good year looks like. I put in some work and got returns on it. So all I'm gonna say is LETS DO IT AGAIN!!!
    I remember last year I thought I wanted a better year, well I got it. It was so full of good surprises and things I could never had asked for, but they happened anyways. You never know what's around the corner. Thanks to everyone who helped make this a great year.And here's to wishing everyone a great 2012

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

help, some people need it.

It's official people have started to loose their damn minds, and need some help, need a therapist and not know it. Straight up Crazy. Crazy drivers, impatient people in lines. Damn relax, plan for it, please. Sorry, I had to vent there for a sec, and yes I should be one to talk, I know. I've just been having incidents where it's the same people in my life that keep on having the same issues and problems and don't want to listen or can't apply it to their lives and then it's too late and they've said or done something that has to apologized for. And we know how hart it is for some men and women to apologize. Just slow down and think about what you're doing before you do it.
     When I was loosing it a couple of days ago, I was well aware of it. I couldn't seem to find time to get stuff done. I was constantly playing catch-up.  I do know what sets me the fuck off. I do know when not to answer the phone, when not to accept invitations to events that I may secretly dislike and may loose it at if not careful. I know, it's simple stuff about oneself that you learn over time and most importantly know when to apply it to your life so as to not take it out on people you love or drink or shoot up melted butter (wish I could), Don't set yourself up for failure. Take a breather. I have to plan for the weekends in advance so as to not waste them. I like to try to spend em with people I like and make me feel better. Now I'm set I've tried to not overload my calendar and make time for the things that are really important. The things that bring you back to life when you might be too tired or overworked and wonder what does it all mean. So you take a step back and just try to enjoy the ride.
    It's the Holidays for goodness sake, there is so much glitter and lights and it costs nothing to take a stroll and enjoy it. Lights everywhere anywhere this time of year so take a minute and just have a visual overload to last 'till next year, yes?
    Now hand me my pants I've got to go for a walk.

Monday, December 19, 2011


Hello everyone!!!                                             
and Hello Winter!!!

A special hello to everyone who took all the necessary steps to have a very blessed and happy set of Holidays (sometimes you have to, and that may include serving virgin eggnog, in plastic cups only, yes... just like at a concert). A big bravo to those that haven't said a mean thing that they will regret soon enough. To those that that haven't fucked up royally (the only way it's done during the Holidays), by yelling in front of relatives, guests and friends something shockingly mean to someone else, even if they fucking had it coming (unless you'd been planning on it or set it up for maximum effect, in which case you get a different kind of shout out you silly silly DRAMA QUEEN lovinya).
   But even if you did or didn't fuck up yet, there's still some days left, you know. Even if you did fuck up: So What?? Give yourself a break. Get and give some hugs, it's just another day. Tomorrow, we'll show them. It's cold here so let me get my pants on.

I'm gonna leave you with a gift of cold sonic lullabies . The Band: COCTEAU TWINS.
                                                                                  The Album: Treasure

Friday, December 16, 2011

ARG! The end of the year

    I'm not freaking out.
What started out as a little project to clear out some stuff has turned into something that is never ending. I intended to help a friend with the "redesigning" of his four average walls and along the way I figured I should update some other things around the apartment and ...I can't stop (sigh). I started organizing the kitchen shelves and have come to include the hall closet shelves, the bathroom shelves, and finally the coat closet shelf. I've started to mess around with the book shelves, a completely different task altogether,  and yet they are all somehow connected.

    How has everyone been? We are approaching the end of the year quickly and this has some folks freaking the eff out. I mean me. I'm freaking the eff out. What other explanation is there for my deciding to fix everything around the apartment. I do mean everything. I have plans for the whole thing and I can't stop. It's the end of the year jitters. Don't worry, everyone things will work out. They always do, you'll see. Hope everyone else is doing better than myself. If you are not doing any better; the same advice applies: don't worry. It will be over soon. And we can all get back to normal. I gotta go dude, where's my pants?
    Here is some New Order 



Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The club can't even handle me right now, well that's what I heard anyway. How did it go today Thursday? it's gonna get better, so much better. I already feel it. It was cold for a couple of days and now, we're used to it. Let's get on with it, right? I'm wearing so much clothes it looks like I've gained weight, not to worry, it's not something I fear or think about. I just keep on keeping on, and put on different pants. Don't forget to smile and laugh, it really does help.

Monday, November 28, 2011


What is up, people??? Well hope everything turned out just fine this weekend for everyone and if it didn't you can always turn things around this week. We're gonna try something a little different today.We'll try to focus on good things that we'd like to happen this week. No Bad. Just good. Great things. Promotions. Friendships, alliances and well-being. Especially if  you are feeling tired. We're gonna need some quiet for this quick exercise. Not dead quiet, just keep radios t.v.s, and any other distraction at a minimum. We're going to Imagine, picture if you would, visualize. Imagination is a hell of a thing. We've all got one. We can use it to our advantage, as a tool for any thing we'd like to see happen in our lives. Used regularly, it can assist with attaining what we need. Which is sometimes not the obvious thing, and different for different people.We're gonna do that by sending oxygen to your brain and all over your body which should energize your brain without the jittery nervous energy that comes with chemical assistance of beverages and the like,  no coming down more tired afterwards. We're just harvesting natural energy at our disposal, if we just slow down and respect the body. We should see an increase in our good moods.Seriously. I know it sounds stupid, trust. Try it one time. Ready?
1. You're gonna close your eyes for just a bit.
2. Take a couple (10) deep breaths, in through your nose, out through the mouth.
3. What your looking for is calm, a calm should come over you, with each breath you take. Little by little.
    Okay? when you're done open your eyes.
                                                                         Ready? let's try it. slowly

How did it go? Was it easy? If you didn't fall asleep, your good. If you followed the directions, and you feel it did you good, well great, you just did some meditation. There's many different forms of it, one may just work wonders for you. If nothing else, being able to quiet down the quickening of life these days may get rid of a headache or two.
    Next we're gonna need you to picture, or visualize what happiness means to you. Is it true love? Is it a great job with awesome benefits. Can you picture it? Is happiness in reverse for you? Is it not being fearful, or  not being in fear of something? Well picture the positive of that don't give energy to something negative. Picture yourself and what you look like doing things without a fear, being outgoing and brave. Can you picture this? We'll stop there, okay?
                                            Happiness, what is it?; That is homework...

'nuff about you guys . Let's not get too serious. What is this vampire trend I'm being assaulted by every time I turn on the t.v.? Since when do vampires rule the daytime? That's supposed to be left to Reggis and Kelly and the women at The View (is that still a thing?). Vampires cannot walk in daylight!! Everyone knows that. And did a vampire impregnate someone? Is that what what I'm supposed to pay for? I thought vampires had no blood or sperm of their own and that is why the were always sucking to get at these precious fluids. Smile it's just a movie, but the sun is coming up so...dude, where's my clothes... I gotta get to work...
Do you know NINA?
PS. I truly believe Every single body is such a wonderful miracle and the natural occurrences that go on daily would astound us if we really thought about it. The chemicals our body produces would put a pharmacy to shame. If we just listened to our bodies(sounds hippie-ish I know) and formed some kind of allegiance, instead of always being at war with it (low body image sufferers, myself included). I cannot imagine what people would do with all that energy. Let's try it and see. Until next time.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Nov. 26

    No more about Dubstep, I've been getting too much feedback about this one. Many people think it all sounds the same, not true, some times there's a noodle and sometimes there's a screech. so no more...for now.

Happy Freakin' Saturday all. Hope you survived Friday, or as it shall be known from now on TGI-black-F. Hope you didn't get into a fight on a toy aisle. Hope you didn't have to get your child a toy that is in limited supply and very expensive. Hope your child doesn't find it vital to have a toy that is in limited supply and very expensive (it helps if you keep 'em away from kids that do find that to be true, peer pressure folks, just say no).
Hope you didn't get pepper-sprayed while reaching for a sweet bargain at an ungodly hour. Hope you got some sleep. All in all: Hope your happy. But take a breather if your not, think about why not, we won't judge you. We're alive let's rejoice.
    Now, are you ready for December? It's coming, but don't fret none. We'll get through it together. Unless we don't in which case there's no use worrying about it okay? We'll be fine. Trust.
    If you live in Los Angeles and even if you don't thanks to the inteweb, you may have seen Thursdays LA Weekly. It's got a cover story of the big one. For my roomate that only means one thing and it's dirty! For the rest of us Angelenos it means The big impending earthquake.
Experts have been talking about it for years because we are located near the ring of fire and on San Andreas Fault line  (no,Not the bar). We're supposed to get it good. And according to the article the first fifteen minutes after the quake will be crucial, because everyone will be left to their own devices for that period. I don't believe in scaring people for no reason. I'm a big subscriber of people not living in fear and all that. But this is LA and we do have quakes so: PLEASE TELL ME YOU HAVE WATER SET ASIDE. Or please make sure you do this weekend and stash it for the future. Your future. You never know even if we never have a big earthquake again, you still may need water for some other emergency. You never know

Here's some haha for you. Louis CK. damn good next to any current comedian.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

12:00 AM Black Friday Sucks

    Shopping has officially been ruined. It's a pretty hard task to to do, but it's been done. Done did as some would say. To ruin such a time honored human experience, for shame. The window shopping experience. I remember it like it was just yesterday like I had my nose pressed to a toy store window like a child out of The Little Rascals. The anticipation of unnecessary purchases during the holidays, without the required time to sleep and process is just inhuman. You can no longer close your heavy lidded eyeballs, tired from shoveling fistfuls of meats and breads (oooooh yea), and dream of candy colored plastic objects and devices that are faster and deliver more pixels and bytes than before. How do we adapt to this type of corporate bullying? I'll never know. I don't know what to fucking do!!! I guess I'll occupy all whorish stores that have no respect for their workers, who have no choice in being there at midnite or not (Unemployment is not a choice). I do know that I'm just not going any-fucking-where  at MIDNITE after a day full of roman style gorging. Kiss my...
    That's just bad news (Target and all else involved or planning to...). Be prepared for some real human drama to drop, and possible smelly clean-ups in aisles 1-24.
    Dude, where's my clothes? let me get out of this one.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

REAL STEEL, the movie. No Dubstep, REELY?

Happy Tuesday all! We're getting close to Thanksgiving everybody. What's up?? anybody scared more that on Halloween? All that family mixing and polite conversation seem like too much to bare? I hear ya. And worse, in some families, the terror is reasonable, to say the least. Some of us, the worst it will get is some relative will ask us with a smirk if we're still not married and roll the eyes (my aunt always had it in for me, sorry I beat up your kid, he had a filthy mouth... like his parents!!!). Anyway...
    Saw REAL STEEL ( I have a weakness for robots, always have, dinosaurs too. Sue me!). Anyhoots. Is there a reason the music to the movie was soooo crappy circa 1997? If this was Rocky with Robots, there was no step climbing theme song, no eye of the tiger. I mean seriously, and having so much music to choose from. With what I imagine a field of knob twiddling up and coming computer virtuosos still living with mom, and just waiting for a chance to come along. Was it really vital to make the soundtrack to the movie set in the future sound awful? Does music that sucks hard, still exist in the Future? Or did it like all musical styles, did bad music make a comeback? Say it ain't so. Were all black eyed peas soundalikes too busy? Did Skrillex or his tribe not have a jittery track just laying about? Nothing was memorable. Was it too much to ask, that the near future have better music?
     I'm no gigantic fan of mechanical noise. I'm not saying that dubstep is a new sound. At it's best it's an element that unites people of a certain age and leaning. But it is so appropriate for this one movie. Some electronic theme song to suggest the future. Oh well, it's just a movie you should see it if you have the time and extra money. If you love robots or Hugh, it's good. Don't forget to not eat too much, you'll feel terrible afterwards. I hope we're all making it happen, to finish this year with a bang, whatever 'it' is. Drop me a line sometime.
But really, no one said "hey guys, maybe we should get one good song for this here movie"? -I'm letting it go.
I'm out of here, dude where's my clothes?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy Thursday all, hope you're as good as good gets, 'cause I wouldn't have it any other way. I hear there's some people that went to the NOHO fest and couldn't find a drink. Maybe they just weren't looking hard enough. Because I seemed to have no problem getting a couple of drinks...from the coffee cup filled with vodka I took with me. Just kidding, I don't drink from coffee cups filled with booze...anymore. Things were a little hard to find and spread out but bearable, I thought.
    Oh yea, remodeling has begun on JO’s bedroom. Today we cleared his room of all furniture.  I am fucking tired.  I could really use a massage …on my penis. Oh what… (actually I don’t’ think that’s technically called a massage and anyway I prefer the way the British pronounce it ma-ssage as opposed to massage not the other word :p ). We’ve (he has) decided to go with a Robins egg hint of blue and deep chocolate accents because I haven’t seen that in every girls magazine in the last couple of years. I’m sure it will look nice in the end. I’ll love it. I like those colors together fine and all it’s just annoying to hear people think they invented those colors today. Joe I love you but I'm gonna hug you 'till you poop, damn it. Tomorrow advertisers will decide on another color and we’ll be surrounded with those, whatever. I was sold on his original theme: Dowtown-Los Angeles -tropical-garden-leather-bar. It would of been different. I like painting and helping a friend out, but I don’t know if I can continue this for long. Working after working all day isn’t working that great. I may have to quit my day job.
    The music video is an odd one all right, for those who remember this and for those hearing it for the first time. Yes it's the same MINISTRY, and the song is work for love, gotta do what you gotta do.
    Hit me. dude...where's my clothes???

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What is up everybody? Hope all is good with everyone and if it isn't yet, it can be if you can picture what that looks like. Many just don't like where their station in life is at, but don't know what they really want. You gotta see what happy looks and feels like to you. To know what it is when you step in it. It's different for all.
tis the season to ...oh it's not Dec.?
    Every year it's the same thing: Christmas comes too early. Especially in Californi's where there really is no obvious visual environmental cue, as in the falling of the maple leaves or silimar, to signal the coming of fall, or even winter some years. Some years I've been to the beach near thanksgiving and even Christmas one time. Some of us would appreciate the appearance of a fall season. I still haven't put away the disguise I didn't use for Halloween (I was too sick to go out). Instead we are rushed to the mall to the beat of a different drum and season. Proof was in the Burbank mall this past week when I came face to fir as I stumbled out of the merry go round they call a parking structure , and stumbled across this(pictured above). C'mon!! I am pretty sick of it it's no longer funny. Well, a little funny as in I'm not buying useless tokens on some retail schedule. fuck that.
    On a positive note: I've got pics from the NOHO Fest stay tuned.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Are you ready for the weekend? It's gonna be a good weekend or so they say all over the internet and news. I overheard some little old lady telling her dog this, and a dude wearing a lot a cologne say it really loud on his cellphone while dramatically waving his arms making sure everyone saw that he was very serious, soooo... you might wanna psyche yourself up, you know what I'm saying?It's gonna be good. Ima make some brownies. (And I mean some little fudge cake squares you make from a box, you filthy pirates. arrg).
    I also hear it might rain out here in CALI's (or sprinkle real hard in the case of LA) but don't let that stop your fun. Put on some manly galoshes and get ready to PARTY ( or some color coordinated bathrobe/pajamas and do some furious reading). You can do whatever you like...
    Isn't Carly Simon due for a comeback? What with the emergence of the AM Gold sound with all these new bands." And Nobody does it better...". I know I still have my BREAD and AMERICA records ready to go on my turntable "and OZ never did give nothing to the Tin-man, that he didn't...didn't (c'mon, everybody...woot). Dan Fogelber would be a Jedi.
    Sleepy Joe's been busy, he's remodeling his room. I'm supposed to help him paint, we'll see about that...I want to go see that new stupid movie with that stupid actor so maybe there's a trade in there somewhere. I like a lot of butter on my popcorn too, sleepy time! Love ya tons, guy.
    Fellas don't forget to sign up for google (which you can do from this page), so you can post comments and suggestions on here. We want to hear from you. I understand people from as far as Canada are reading this. Shout out to Canada!!Keep it up. Sorry in the delays but I'll try to make up for it in fun ;-)
  come on you didn't think I wouldn't did you? AM- RADIO GOLD I said.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

North Hollywood Arts Fest This Saturday. Don't forget fellas.

You have so much to be thankful for on any given day, why don’t you smile more little lady ( yes that includes you). Hey everyone hope you are all okay and in the best of spirits and moods. And if that is not the case why not? think about it and see if you can fix it. A friend of mine told me the other day that he thought I drank when I write this. I do not; must be the writing, cause usually I write and vent sometimes when I should just get a drink. I don't like hangovers, tho. I have recently had a lot going on. This tends to put me in a weird space mentally. Gotta let the cabeza (head) breathe, you know. And having recently emerged from a two week cold didn't help. A nose congestion that made me sound like some one to stay away from for sure. I hope nobody gets that cause it's going around. Apparently there is some pretty good over the counter medicines. Wish I'd heard sooner.You hear so much everywhere that you tend to tune it out until someone comes along and you realize maybe if it worked for dear old sleepy time gobbles over there, I might try it. Live and learn.
 I've had the opportunity to let go of bad things this week. That is what it is; an opportunity. A golden opportunity that I'll gladly take and be thankful for.
       I started this post days ago but I've barely begun to feel like myself again. This post lead to other splinter posts that went nowhere. I had so much to say, but it's just as well 'cause it was probably some feverish babble. I do feel bad for not posting this particular one earlier because it's about something really good. Sorry. The North Hollywood street fest is coming! I have to tell you that if you happen to be lost or somebody drove off leaving you in North Hollywood Caleefornia. You’re in luck. Hey even if you wake up everyday and call this city your home, while you sip your frapp-a-chino, you’re in luck. That is if you happen to be in the city on the 12th of November. This Saturday. There's free theater at the many small theaters located very close together.Food, ah, grilled corn, good pizza, drinks. Music.
        As a school field trip once we went to a place called: Bob Baker Marionette Theatre. ( I remember it as a dream, funny since It's kinda of dreamlike even in person. I was a great place to visit in Los Angeles and odd. It always stays with you, though. Then a few years back I went to my first NoHo Arts district fest. It was a street fair of sorts with all sorts of really cool crafts being sold. I had some corn and soda it was pretty nice. As I walked around in the amazing california sun, I stumbled upon what turned up to be the Bob Baker Marionettes themselves performing. Well someone helped them of course. I took some pictures and enjoyed it like I was an 8 year old. You just never know what will happen at these things. I'm not sure what the set up is this year but I'm sure it will be good. There is actual free theater offered by many of the local groups (schedule available at website Don't be a downer, and show up, take your girl, your man, your friend that your not sure what's going on with, but don't stay in just watching the game or tv boring us all. Get out. Let the sun warm you for a bit. There's gonna be booze and free music and food. If you still don't cheer up, there's just no cheering you up at all today, see ya there Saturday.
    If your near a Metro or bus station, and you don't want to drive, well check out my previous post Ride this gettin around on the red line metro. It drops you off right at the center of it all.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November November

What the hell happened? I was getting ready for Halloween when all of a sudden BAM (Big Chef Emeril Lagasse style) I came down with some sinus thingy that seemed like allergies until it culminated  This weekend with me in bed ,achy and in a feverish marathon of Healthy cops solving murders and tons of fluids and flu medicine. You see it turns out all cable chanels had at some time over the weekend a marathon of their cop shows. And that was all I had the strength to focus on. It was manly awesome and weird. It was an endless parade of late nite sweats (not the good kind) and one bloody corpse after another (from the cop shows). I woke up and it was November, damn it! Oh well there's always next year to dress up or any given day I feel like dressing up  and having a drink right? why cry over spilled milk...So lets give thanks to all the healthy cops keeping us safe on the television sets around the  world, Okay?
First and foremost lets give it up (and why not, right?) to Chris Meloni on  SVU. For years he's been bringing us manly justice and due punishment. You might also know him from HBOs OZ a few years back he's pretty good awright...

Next up is Tony Dinozzo, on NCIS He's played by Michael Weatherly, he plays goofy smart guy to Mark Harmons' Jethro Gibbs, on this team. He can play anything he wants, I guess, who's gonna say no?

Finally it's CSI's turn and the men that solved so much in such a short amount of time.Gil Grissom Older distinguished gentleman season 1-9 was played by no nonsense manly actor William Pettersen, seen here doing the rock on sign, and playing the role of young hunk cop is George Ead playing Nick Stokes. So much got solved over this Halloween weekend with all the cop show marathons I just might start watching regularly, right?
Stay healthy San Diego

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Boo Everybody. It’s Halloween again, time to bring out the wig and the make-up or pretend you don’t have the wig and make-up right next to you already. As a part of the whole generation of kids who grew up sneaking in to movie theaters and watching scary movies way too graphic for young eyes, I’m no longer scared of things that go bump in the night, and monsters can suck it (for the most part; that Jeepers Creepers thing kinda scares the beejinkis out of me). I won’t go into the beach as carefree as I’d like, but whatever Jaws you can suck it too. Nowadays movies go to the cheap and easy shock tactic by showing you something calm and them quickly following that with something shocking and loud, like a crash resulting in a scary death and graphic prosthetic limbs being torn to bits, not cool man or scary, just loud and fast. Where’s the suspense and playing on our fears of the unknown (remember the first time you watched The Sixth Sense? That was good and not very loud or boring). Don’t just show us Dungeons and people being sawed off, that’s like paying to see an FX specialist show you his inventory of supplies and tricks. Who cares? do something clever with it. Have a story not just a body count and lots o’ blood. Not scary at all, man. That’s boring.
    I would like to in turn share some pretty scary movies that I saw in recent years that did scare me for a few days after I saw them. Like I said monsters don’t do it for me. So I’ve had to take a detour to scaring myself, not that I like being scared or that I’m looking to get scared. I heard this were great movies and they turned out to be some pretty scary movies, quietly scary. Not in the conventional kind of scary. This is the kind of scary that may live a couple of houses down from you without you even knowing it. The kind that is taking place with the quiet neighbor next door. The kind of scary you might find yourself in. These movies scared me by showing the sadness that can happen. The loneliness people can’t seem to shake off and the awful measures some people take to avoid sadness and loneliness and pain. They are pretty sad I should add, but very good. If you don’t like sad, like myself, you may want to stay away. I hear Precious was something like that and I cannot bring myself to watch that much sadness willfully and voluntarily anymore. These particular ones just happen to be sad I did not know or expect them to be.

    The first one I’m going to suggest is Monsters Ball. Now many of you have seen it, Halle won an Oscar for it. But it is a little slow and will make you feel very terrible at times, like a voyeur. I was uncomfortable in my chair so many times. I kept thinking about all the characters for a couple of days after I saw this. So damn good and the best part? It was just a movie, nobody really died. And people can’t be this sad right?

    The second one is In The Bedroom with Nick Stahl and Marissa Tomei as lovers in which not everything is rosy or ends well. Many people made some mistakes that just lead to so much pain it’s scary. It’s so scary to think that love doesn’t conquer all, all the time. Scary people, pain you could almost feel. What more could you ask for? The acting? Wow. Again, so good. You have to see it.Then you'll know what real scary is.

    Hope I was able to help you not rent those stupid movies that should not have been made in the first place that  are not in the least bit scary. But if you insist on the horror type of scary movie may I recommend the Jeepers Creepers set 1 & 2. That damn creature is terrible in it’s insistence. It will not stop. Terrible, terrible f**cking thing where did you come from and why do you terrorize so? Loved it. Or you can watch The Sixth Sense again and just forget the ending. It is that good.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How's your environment?

You wouldn't hear a thing except the gentle breeze for a long while. 


  Now as some of you have heard. We are at a scary point in our planets future, as far as the environment is concerned. I don’t know how true this is. I’m not a scientist.
  I remember once upon a time going to the park and there not being so much trash everywhere. The beaches were not the scary places they are now. People did not fear beaches. I clearly remember liking the beach, getting wet at the beach and enjoying it. The last time I went to the beach the people I was with feared getting sea water on them as if they might catch something from it. That is so fucked up. Even more fucked is that I could not assure them they would not as I have known people who got a rash immediately after going in the water. Now that is fucked up for any place that has the fortune of being located near the sea. That this is Los Angeles, is just unacceptable.
     I’ve devised and followed a plan that may or may not work. The most important thing being that I do it with a smile. I just pick up some trash anywhere I go. I don’t know about anyone else except the people out there that get involved in cleaning up their beaches. I’d like to think that I saw some random person do it and I just copied it because I‘m not that original. I think that is a good policy for anyone to have and teach. Kids pick up and emulate all the time. If your kids see you pick up trash that is not yours and not complain about it but giving thanks for a chance to visit the beaches and parks still available to us, I just know kids notice stuff like that. Kids also do letter writing to congress as they get older so don’t be afraid of that either.
    I’m just thinking that I don’t know how much time is left on this great earth of ours and we should enjoy it as much as possible, right? and pick up some trash as you leave. It can’t hurt you. If you can do it with a smile it becomes contagious, people think it might be fun, and not court ordered.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday nite music

Sofía: Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around.-VANILLA SKY

Greatest deed Luke Skywalker ever did was take down the Death Star, right? As far as I'm concerned, that's what everybody needs. You need that one bad-ass thing that lets you live on forever, you know. FANBOYS

A little electric, a little mellow, a little old classic. Saint Germain featuring a little John Lee Hooker, a sure thing

 If you like to relax with a bout of hip twisting and leg jerking by all means try this Italian oldie on for size: Eduardo Vianello, Guarda Come Dandolo. Damn catchy as they come. Go ahead with the cocktail if you must. It's from the 60's .It's what they did.

RELAX. If you find you've been fighting with someone close all week and you don't know why and you don't want to break up. Put this one on and get ready to get busy. The beat and rhythm just leads the way as you find yourself relaxing certain muscles while different muscles got a mind of their own.

Sofía: [in Spanish] Open your eyes.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Sofía: Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around.-VANILLA SKY

Greatest deed Luke Skywalker ever did was take down the Death Star, right? As far as I'm concerned, that's what everybody needs. You need that one bad-ass thing that lets you live on forever, you know. FANBOYS

                                             NIBBLE ON THIS
    All right fellas, Today we are chefs. We’re gonna make you the stud muffin (or muffin top if you’re still wearing those girl jeans), of your circle of friends. And listen up ladies if you’re a little unsure of your skills, to include cooking skills, we’ve got the answer.
        Okay guys I know you’re used to treating the kitchen like the place to drop off the frozen burritos that are always on sale at the super box mart that displaced those shops that used to occupy the now ghost mini-mall that was fugly to begin with (phew). This is the day your kitchen becomes the well lit stage to publicly show off your awesomeness.That thing that has always been waiting to come out of you and shine like an alien busting outta your abdomen covered in secuince and glitter. We will construct delicious! We will show everybody that said you were not very good in this room, people who asked “have you ever cooked?“  or everybody that just said “get out“, that you are king! Not just in the bedroom (wink wink). This is the underwear dropping trick you were looking for. Plop this treat in front of someone, anyone, and watch the mood change from ’no’ to ’go…’ All you will need are these three ingredients have you got a pencil?
     You will need :
A- a cake of some kind (pre-made is perfectly acceptable, who can tell right?).I like pies, and that’s okay.
B-colorful sweets of some kind, they can be skittles or M&Ms,  gumballs. Just remember sweet and with color.
C- a paper towel, for presentation.

       Are you ready for success?    YES!        (The answer to that should always be yes. Even if you don’t feel it, fake it ‘till you make it, as they say). Let’s do this.

Take your cake that is serving as the base of this sweet sweet snack.
Place it on the napkin that will serve as an accent. It’s gonna make it pop, just wait.
Put all of this on a plate or you can just serve it up on the napkin,  if you’ve got no plates.
Now this next and final step you should take a little extra time with as it is what makes this whole thing come together. Carefully place the colored sweets directly on top of cake. Just place ‘em on, ever so delicately, as the trophy that they are. If you’re really feeling cocky try coordinating the colored candy with the season (orange for fall or Halloween, Pink for Valentines day, Green for hairy man bumps day, etc.) Above you’ll see the finished product. Don’t be shy and accept any and all compliments handed to you. This is a good time to begin to learn how to not be embarrassed by being above average. You need to learn to appreciate yourself and try to top yourself. Just remember: you’re doing it to see the smiles on their faces, it’s really all for them.  Till next time. Good Chomping !
here's some more Doug Stanhope. I paid money for this one, it's a cd/dvd. If you like his stuff go to his site and buy his stuff. If you get a chance to see him go right ahead. And if your offended ...lighten up. It's just life.

Sofía: [in Spanish] Open your eyes.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Doug Stanhope.

Sofía: Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around.-VANILLA SKY

Greatest deed Luke Skywalker ever did was take down the Death Star, right? As far as I'm concerned, that's what everybody needs. You need that one bad-ass thing that lets you live on forever, you know. FANBOYS

Sofía: [in Spanish] Open your eyes.

This man has had my full attention for a long time since I stumbled across one of his specials on cable. It's hard to put out comedy that is intelligent but doesn't come off as snobby and doesn't pander or dumb down too much, while still being fully functional as a tool for stirring thought and pointing out while sidestepping the obvious dumb shit that passes itself off as entertainment.
This man has got such a reputation, after hearing this you might understand why.
 and as far as that open your eyes quote, well...this is the one time you may want to wait until he's done.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hey everybody, look at me

Let's see, this button is ...

that wasn't it... maybe this one here does the trick

look I've got a hat on, see the difference?
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a lil' about me

This post is dedicated to the late Steve Jobs co-founder of apple computers, who passed away today. I never owned an i pod but I was pretty close. The man changed the game, and his impact will be felt for a fucking long time. To get your feet wet, check out Pirates of Silicone Valley, the movie.

I am reminded of the Voltaire quote: With great power comes great responsibility.

Greatest deed Luke Skywalker ever did was take down the Death Star, right? As far as I'm concerned, that's what everybody needs. You need that one bad-ass thing that lets you live on forever, you know- FANBOYS

    If you read yesterdays post, I tried to help visitors or the novice get around Los Angeles using a sensible form of transport that damages the environment a little less and is cheaper : Public transportation, the Red Line, that runs underground in this fair city that is Noho. I think this city is long overdue for a resurgence. It's nice enough and clean enough if you watch your step (ya careless dog walkers!).
     Next,  I'm gonna give the Orange line a stab, a little harder to explain as it goes to Woodland Hills (why?- They have a Best Buy). But it's really cool.

     Here is a song by Band of Horses, don't be one of those people who say "they used to be cool when..." It's a good song, it should stand the test of time. That's what good bands and good songs do, even if their behavior let's you down. Enjoy it, smile, don't be so pissed off all the time, you'll still be cool. I promise.

   I'm gonna tell you all a secret, lately, I cannot go to bed without either a bowl of cereal (I know plenty who can't do it without just the bowl)  of the cap'n crunch's peanut butter goodness , fruit loops which have been tasting pretty good recently and I don't know why I dig special K, the cereal, I just do. I just cannot nod of without one of 'em. My good friend sleepy Joe, not his real name, said I should try a dong, I don't know what that even means, I hope it's not what I'm thinking.
Eddie McClintock, Warehouse 13. oh yea.
    I'm gonna tell you guys about my good friend Jose. He is pretty to look at and "chicks dig it" as he likes to say, he prefers it when dudes dig it for sure. I drew him slimmer than he is,he's a little vain, if  he ever sees this.  He's kinda shallow sometimes and I told him so and he seemed to enjoy that. He's a nice guy deep inside but he enjoys being superficial a lot of the time, and flippant. When good things happen he's usually around or not very far. He's also around when bad things happen. I would call him my roommate but that implies that he pays rent regularly. He doesn't. He's always in between jobs. Good thing I live in a shady neighborhood. But, he's as sloppy as me so that makes me feel like I'm not being judged all the time, especially when I sit around and have a Saturday shitty-movie-thon, starring anything with the gentlemanly likes of Jason Stathom, Gerard Butler, Eric Bana and more recently Eddie McClintock in Warehouse 13(see pic). So anyways I mentioned to him that a lot of people read my blog (not quite) and that I was gonna write about him since he's hella funny and we're not involved. I asked him if there was anything he wants you guys to know about him ?  he said sure, " you can all suck it" and he was about to moon me when I walked away telling him thanks and that that is exactly what I'd type up, to which he mumbled something about teabags and sitting and spinning. So there you have it, a little more about me, my good friend Joe because he's always here, whether I want him here or not. He hasn't read a book in years. And if you must know he doesn't mean anything by it and if it's any consolation he's got a pretty good ass for mooning. I've seen it.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


FUCK FEAR. This post is dedicated to everyone  who despite their fears are making this world a better place. thank you, and get out more.

Sofía: Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around.-VANILLA SKY

Greatest deed Luke Skywalker ever did was take down the Death Star, right? As far as I'm concerned, that's what everybody needs. You need that one bad-ass thing that lets you live on forever, you know. -FANBOYS

Duderinos,  If you find yourself in North Hollywood for whatever reason and looking for a cheap way to get out, consider this: Metro Red Line. It is a relatively new and expanding form of public transportation, that is finally connecting the sprawling landscape that is Los Angeles. As of today October 2011, you can purchase a day pass for $5.00. It is Located on Lankershim blvd and Chandler.      
     Keep this in mind about the North Hollywood Red Line Station:
1.  It is underground.
2.  At the North Hollywood station, it is either the end of the line or the take off point heading to UNION STATION in downtown L.A.
     So even though there are two rails and sometimes two trains.  It will only go in one direction at this point. If a train has just arrived and people are evacuating and some are hoping on, regardless of the train track passengers have either: reached the end of the red line going North into the San Fernando Valley, or are about to go South to the Los Angeles Union Station allowing you to get off at any one of its 12 vastly interesting red line stations stops. All stops have signs above the previously mentioned two rails pointing out their destinations: either UNION STATION in DOWNTOWN, or back to NORTH HOLLYWOOD, in the SAN FERNANDO VALLEY. At this point you may transfer using your day pass on most public buses to get to: China Town/Olvera Street, Staples Center, Santa Monica Beaches, Long Beach, and of course Hollywood Boulevard and Highland , or Universal Studios.
    The most frequently asked question from people looking lost and disoriented at the NoHo (North Hollywood ) station is: Does this train go to UNION STATION?
 I  remind everyone of point no.2 this is both the end of the line at NORTH HOLLYWOOD or take off point for UNION STATION, DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES since this is North Hollywood we must be heading to  Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles. This Red Line cannot physically shove you any further North into the hills...yet.  All aboard.

  maps an timetables available at:

Of interest for people whose blood sugar dropped suddenly:  McDonalds on the Highland stop, or the Trader Joes for some organic jalapeno almonds with an organic fruit roll-ups at the Hollywood and Vine stop.

Of interest to vinyl lovers and lovers of all music:  Amoeba Records on Sunset and Cahuenga blvd., a brisk walk from the Hollywood and Vine stop. (stop your whining , it's good for your heart, and will make up for the extra fries you had to have back there).

Of interest for men who love other men and don't want to drive drunk: The Santa Monica and Vermont stop leaves you a couple of blocks from The Faultline located on Melrose Blvd. and Vermont. The bar for men who just happen to love men who smell like well ... men and not so much like that one strong cologne with a girls name I can never remember. Some may be smoking cigars and be extra hairy. This bar is not a leather bar it's considered a levi's/leather bar. The leather bar is The Eagle, a couple of more blocks down on Santa Monica blvd. Play nice, now.

  maps an timetables available at:

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PUBLIC RESTROOMS can be found at NOHO red line above ground , Union Station stop, Macdonalds,  HOLLYWOOD & HIGHLAND SHOPPING center. All except  NOHO (50centst) are free.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Sofía: Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around.-VANILLA SKY
Fuck Fear.
I have feared that people are and always have been for the most part apathetic, always have. Some people lead and decide, so no, not everyone but most people don't bother. Maybe that is why so many bad things have happened throughout history and now. Subscribers of the ignorance is bliss philosophy. The NIMBY people, I don't care what happens in the world as long as it's Not In My Back Yard. It is not a good way to view the world. It's hard to trust anyone. So if you live this way, give it up, find a different way to see things. It's hard at first but, very possible. The world is a beautiful beautiful place. Trust me, I don't know how to prove that to someone, who doesn't want to see that. All I know is when you decide to be happy, If you start to look for reasons to be happy and free of fear you start finding them. Things start presenting themselves that seem like a coincidences over and over. And you start to feel it happy. Try it.
Sunday I woke up to find New York was occupying wall street, how did I not hear of this? Maybe because I had long ago turned off my t.v. that insisted on my watching somebody's reality being made into a show and transmitted with bleeped outbursts. These shows are sponsored by some company that no doubt has lost a good part of it's employees while it's CEO got their ever present if not increasing bonuses. I'd missed it. I didn't even know we were really upset as Americans. I was waiting for the TEA PARTY to alert me as to how I felt. Or a politician in touch with the people. I was too distracted to notice. But here it is something called Occupy Wall Street , search locally and see what pops up. I typed it in, I'm in Los Angeles and I got some group of people occupying Los Angeles and they're mad. They're upset by many different things, the economy, loosing their homes, bailouts for billionaires companies. UTLA , the teachers union was out there in force one day. Good for them. Someone asked my what they were protesting down there I replied : " I don't really know, everything I think..." I had to laugh.
Life is beautiful. Emotions, people finally reacting to their emotions. People.

Greatest deed Luke Skywalker ever did was take down the Death Star, right? As far as I'm concerned, that's what everybody needs. You need that one bad-ass thing that lets you live on forever, you know. FANBOYS

Sofía: [in Spanish] Open your eyes.-VANILLA SKY.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

get some rest REM

      My roommate just told me REM broke up. I never got to see them, they were always too big to go see, I just can't see a band in a stadium. unless it's a big band like Queen or E.L.O.
      What an amazing career these guys have had. From being the alternative little fish, contemporaries to the Replacements and the Violent Femmes, to being the standard all other rock bands are measured against for artistic integrity, longevity and most importantly the music. What sweet sweet music. Not all the songs were Aces (shiny happy people, superman), But who cares when you've got albums and albums of beauty and mystery, yes mystery. There are some mumbled lyrics for sure.

Many have heard the hits, but have you heard the whole album: Automatic for the people?  songs like night swimming and New Orleans instrumental no. 1 and * me kitten. Such sadness and beauty.

Have you ever heard Murmur? I don't wanna say you should, 'cause you should have already. If you are in fact tired of what's being offered to you musically, then ...yes you should, sometime soon and remember it was done in 1983.

 I won't say R.I.P., REM, because you can't keep a band this creative from creating. I will say get some rest and we'll see you soon.

Friday, September 16, 2011

This beer tastes different now.

One of the most exciting times I ever had was when I traveled alone to visit relatives in a different state. My whole life I’d somehow felt lost. I had always felt I needed something else, and I was angry because I couldn’t imagine or put into words what that was clearly, or freely. Given this one time opportunity, though, I ran with it. I planned and planned again, after that I made sure my plans were right. It was a dangerous game I now know, but it was lifesaving at the time. So much was at stake I thought, no one could find out. I was terrified and excited all in the same breath. The time came and finally I was able to leave one day early, and arrive before I was expected. That meant I had one night to myself. One night to do anything I could fit in my young imagination, as a single male in a new city with everything to experience.  I was a young 21. As opposed to the older 21. I had never traveled alone This was it. I could pee myself (not on purpose, just to be clear).
        I had the general idea of what I would do, in this new city, but nothing specific. I had lined up a couple of hotels and motels that I could afford, and all were near a couple of bars, some gay, some not. After that, all was up in the air. I had never experienced such freedom, such defiant and emboldening freedom as I did that night (nor have I needed to, thankfully). Almost in slow motion, I stood in the cold, hearing the gravel underneath my boots, outside of the the first nondescript bar before stepping inside. I remember walking on a cloud of cigarette smoke. I brushed closely up against several men. It was close enough to smell them wearing different scents, some artificial and very sharp others more pleasant. For sure all were very warm compared to the winds in the cold night outside, as I walked past them to the bar, and I ordered my beer. I caught a glimpse of myself illuminated by the blue neon in the mirror behind the bartender. I  didn’t recognize my face.When it registered, I almost winked at myself. Now a couple of years later, I understand I just planned to go get a couple of beers and head to sleep alone for sure, but, things could change and I was slowly becoming fine with that, finally. It would take a couple of years before I could do all this outside a bar in the daylight instead of neon lights, and without a beer, sad for sure, but a path I had to walk through. Now I see me reflected somewhere and it registers who it is, I do wink at myself sometimes, you know, sorta like an acknowledgement to the younger me we did good.It makes me quietly laugh. I like life, it was a little bit of hard work but we did it. It did change me to feel that much freedom available to me, though. I didn’t know that much world was available, as odd as that sounds.  I imagine it’s akin to when people go paragliding or jump from a plane for the first time, with a parachute of course.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A little about me.

A little about me. I like long walks in short pants. Movie dates that start out with brushing hands and touching knees and end where someone gets their integrity compromised or at least groped. Not on the first date of course.
I’m an able and avid escalator rider. An armchair therapist and a lover of frozen yogurt.  Menchies.

One of the sexiest times with my clothes on had me being invited to dance to a new wave song by a straight drunk guy who insisted I dance with him to this song. He held me by shoulder and was so drunk we were joined at the waists, totally out of sync with the song (we had a rhythm of our own going, wink, wink) and an intense stare that lasted the whole song through. Everybody was too drunk to notice and I was too young to push for some follow through, so… whenever I hear the one song I um…
 and no it's not mambo no. 5
Briefs or boxers? Tell us your favorite to wear or admire.

Friday, September 9, 2011

little bit of sun finally.

like a fly on the wall. On the paris subway.  (okay , okay it's the LA redline)

Getting some!   (sun that is)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Camping it up.

I like camping.
How amazing would it be to live in the middle of nowhere to have some early mornings and some very memorable sunsets with a good and steady love, right? Breakfast could be amazing and dinners would bring on sleep. It'd be great to live off the land and take just what you need. How did that old saying go: "take what you need and leave the earth like you found her" I don't know when that will take place. I might make too much money someday, to live in the country. You just never know. That may never happen. I'll let in on a little secret that placates that desire of living like a magical wood nymph while still living like a reality t.v. star in Hollywood, North Hollywood: I like camping. There it is. I really like camping. I didn't used to. I do now. It took a couple of camping enthusiasts forcing their love of camping on me: an innocent camping virgin.As a full time city dweller, I was defenseless and fully exposed before a very powerful nature who easily managed to  have its way with me until I learned to like it ( Are ya fearful of taking a break from the city? I won't leave LA for just anything so it took quite a bit for me, but I did learn to like leaving it as much as I like the city. My fondness grows for this, my city. My dear tough as nails of a city. One that makes anyone who lives here for a prolonged period of time also tough as nails at the same time soft, doughy and with a sense of privilege .Leaving someplace is good because you then get to arrive somewhere else. even if it's just for a weekend.
Approaching wilderness, nature, it smells different. It's the smell of grass that's bloomed and dried. But has become moist  overnight.You like to do nothing?The idea of not doing anything, may sound terrible to some. It sounds easy and definitely lazy but it is actually hard, no t.v. no phones no internet. Setting up camp? easy as can be if you do it a couple of times. How big a sleeping bag you'll need depends on temperatures you'll be expecting. The size and price of tent depends on amount of people in your party if any tent is used at all. Food? Same thing. It can be as expensive, light and varied as you may need. Peanut butter and protein bars or whole planned out romantic meals. I go with friends, usually the same friends and we have our duties someone sets up tent and  ground, someone sets up foods and beverages some one gathers substantial wood.Then? then you do nothing, ideally. You should do nothing for a little while at least before going hiking or exploring.As silly as it sounds, It's hard.As time goes by we've had to remind each other to put away more and more varied electrical devices.  Eventually our pockets are empty, feels weird at first and we have nothing to do except look at each other and breathe. Again this feels weird, a type of nakedness. All there is now is bird noises and the different scents that nature will gently present to you. Crushed pine needles and  tree sap. Hundreds of grasses in different states of development and regrowth. The odd sense that something needs to be done, that something has been forgotten? it takes a while to leave you. this is the city slowly letting go of you, when you finally realize that no there is nothing to do. There is no phone call you must make. No television show you're missing, no meeting you must take. You will start to feel your neck and back muscles relax, and tension breaking away, soundlessly.

Next time loosing your fear of skinny dipping. Hint: not making a big whoop about it.