Saturday, March 31, 2012



The weekend is here and this week was a bitch!!! Wow. It seemed like it would never get here. I hope your week went a lot better than mine, but if it didn't, it don't matter cause the weekend is here!!!I liked this week so much. I learned so much. I have a couple of things that I tried to work out and lucky for you guys I did it all the while posting about it.

Showtimes The Green Room has world class comedians come in and talk shop. It's got so much talent, it is scary to think these people are all in a room together at once and second they are each others' coworkers because doing this, is their job. Richard Belzer (comedy royalty, Law and Order) in a JAGGER OFF is one of my favorite clips on the internet and I finally tracked it down for you guys. It is at once entirely disturbing and funny like nothing else I've seen.

  Working out with GAVIN what could be better? ?    


Friday, March 30, 2012

Movie Friday-KILLER ELITE, shake that thing

friends first dudes second

because you gotta have... gotta have friends...dude

I really like movies when they're free. If you're short on funds or are tired of remakes of television shows or tired of remakes of bad movies about dancing teens who dance in art school during lunch, or can't have dances in cornfields, 'cause it's, you know, illegal and stuff, we got MOVIE FRIDAY. We now can watch a free movie together, sorta. You got all weekend to spend it with us, a cheap set, if you'd like, that is. You don't have to buy anything, sell anything, or wear anything.  You can keep it a sober affair if that's your deal, or you really need to clean up your act and detox, or not spend any money, whatever. Or you can invite a bunch of people over and everyone can drink every time someone says a particular word  in the movie until someone throws up (and someone always does- that was me last time everyone got together here, folks). And we can all sit around my vacant parking space (don't ask) and discuss how cheesy and cool special effects used to be while drinking some beer, or sobering you up, or nursing your hangover or we could drink sodas (umm I can really love some sodas right about now) we can pick apart the characters realness. Or how somebody heard from somebody who personally knew them which actor picked up some hours as a pecker checker at the local public restrooms on the weekends, cool, right? - Or... Fine... you all can just post on here if you liked or hated it.
    Keep in mind the movies are of older stock or educational, so no sullen teen vampire series, or Bey-once (sorry jojoeaux). I hope you dudes like action films and classics with armed men in tunics/togas that are ready for anything (and...well...who doesn't, really?). FELLAS! you can now enjoy art with no clothes on for free, on Fridays without anyone complaining or hurrying you up, cause you can watch this whenever you have time ( doesn't even have to be on Friday, how will we know?, just don't fall behind to much because every Friday we'll have a new one), there is no hurry or schedule (pronounced shedule).         YOU READY? -GET THERE.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Man was I drunk, how about you?


dudes messing around

    Hey fellas I hope you guys enjoyed yesterdays post and I hope it helped someone out. It was a good post. I'm not embarrased I truly hope people were able to get something out of my not feeling great all the time. I wish I did. I like feeling amazing all the time and I make a bit of an effort to make sure that being happy comes with ease.Sometimes, it just doesn't work that way. If you're lucky when you feel like shit you can stay home. I like to avoid people I care about, which makes them curious and want to be around (awww). If you're not so lucky you've got to work through it, put on your big boy pants and try to not be an ass to people. So it can be done. If you work together nothing is impossible. So are we ready to face another day with a smile?? of course we are, let's do it!!
Andy auditions and nails it

Is the New Girl too cute?? you be the judge. Here's Schmidt.                                                                                                                                      

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sugarbabies. Just pop 'em in your mouth.

     Motivation has been down. I recently started feeling worn out, not only does this put my parkour career on the line, it makes me doubt myself about other things. Am I a good kisser? Are corduroy pants back? did they ever go away? Friendship bracelets, do people wear them to make people who don't have facebook jealous? Will I ever visit my exes family and still be friends like we were before we broke up?- I'm not close to having an ex, yet. It shouldn't matter, right?
    Seriously, I didn't feel like posting and writing this stuff down. It's such a downer. You see I forget that when I get impatient or bored or unmotivated and down and don't do anything about it, I start getting mean and taking it out on people around me and since I like to keep people I like around me, well you see the problem, right? It can get ugly.
    I found (after much trial and error) that the best thing to do is get out of my routine, whatever that is at the time I'm getting down, and acknowledge this mood and what it can possibly be about. That is a two step process.
step 1-I have to figure out how I want  to acknowledge this. There is many for me to do this: meditation I found this to work for a long long time.  Writing it down this has been the one with best results for me. It gets my but off the couch. Through music, drawing or painting, and lately I've been trying to dance it out but its not a science so...Thankfully I created this blog. That helps me share the good the bad and like in today's post: Tate, sugarbabies Channing. Seriously though, even when I don't want to talk about something, the fact that I'm updating this daily at some point, means that I've got to look closely when I don't feel like it. I love sharing and hearing from you guys and knowing that others feel the same or find it funny. If I don't feel like doing that well, it's big boy mirror time. I gotta look in the mirror and see what the eff is up.
    So here we are. I feel better already talking and shit (through typing). Let's figure it out together. I hope this helps other people who find it hard to communicate their feelings to others or worse, those who find it hard to admit their emotions to themselves and would rather watch television. YES WE CAN

I've been feeling a little worn down and I can't figure out a way to shake it. I want to shake myself out of comfort zone that just leaves me numb. That however is no  excuse to not boogie down. Listen to this dj music, this little gem that's been out for some years. It's Stevie! And Blue moon by the Marcels put out in 1961, to address the blues and dance shake em off!

If it was as easy as this to get rid of your back problems, everyone would ride Garrity, right? I mean if it helps someone out, of course!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday. Rock n Rolling in the dark.

cakes, sweet


I had been feeling a tremendous desire to go out and get fucked up. I mean go down the street to the bar and see what all my old friends are up to. I start making plans to go and realize that I don't actually want to drink or even hang out while people drink. What I really want is the loud music and the sitting around doing nothing after wondering what to wear, finally deciding on jeans and a t-shirt. I decided to do something about it: I decided to buy a six pack, take a shower and put on a different jeans and a t-shirt, some cologne. I picked out some records and said  neighbors be fucked, I turned up the music and turned out the lights. There I sat listening to music stinking of cologne in the dark, with nothing but a night light in the shape of a lavender lily( it's the only one we had), I needed some mood light. That is how my roommate found me one Friday. I wasn't expecting him until much later. Oh well, worse things have happened. After some explaining I decided it just looked better if I walked my ass down the street to the damn bar.
    That is what I did last nite. It turns out it doesn't hurt to socialize. It makes you feel better to see people that are happy to see you. Make sure people are happy to see you, is the bottom line.
    for those of you wondering what the heck happened to JOJO. That incident was several weeks ago,though. My roommate, JOJO, has left for now. I was left with a half decorated apartment, when he decided he had to move to a different state to care for his dear old friend. He does have a sick friend, he just left a project unfinished. I just wasn't expecting him to leave so soon. I'm not surprised I must say, though. He'd be back he said. I believe him, but I cannot wait for him to finish getting stuff done around the apt. That's the JOJO we all know and love. I was a little mad at first. I couldn't even talk about it at first. I'm good now. It's not the first time he's done this, either. I'm also almost finished decorating. It looks good. I may post some pictures. He texted me today and said he may be back in a couple of weeks, we'll see. I will punch him in the guts when I see him. No, I won't. But I'll want to.

I started working out again. it just makes you feel better and helps to clear your mind. I am drinking water. I might take up long walks if the weather stabilizes around here. This is my goal. I will rock so much parkour it will hurt. I will let you know how it turns out:  PARKOUR!!


On this episode of the NEW GIRL, Schmidt celebrates with ...PARKOUR.

Monday, March 26, 2012

MONDAY. He spent the day shaving his pillows.

I washed my sheets the other day. That means I have to go down to the laundromat or washeteria or who knows what they call in in your neck of the woods. It's a big deal to take all my comforters and head down to the public washing machines, you know? I also took two new towels to wash while I was down that way. It went a whole lot quicker that normal washing machines because they're huge. I tossed it all to dry, separated the towels with some small sofa cushions that also needed cleaning. I done this tons of times before separated the colors correctly, and dried it up properly. I in fact, ended up wish the fuzziest gnarliest turquoise sofa cushions ever. ARG!!!Darn towels released soo much fuzz and it all attached to these cushions, dang!!! I decided to buy a fuzz remover. I'd put it off for ever, now was the time. I have no room for fuzzy cushions. I'm not rich enough (yet) to just throw out some turquoise thingamabobs.
    That was days ago. It rained today and that seemed like the perfect time to go shopping with all the crazy California drivers. I looked up the cheapest fabric shaver and estimated to spend from 10-23 dollars. As I was getting to leave and turn off the computer, I followed a link to quickly and cheaply removing lint off of fabrics. It said to "take a cheap disposable razor and use that instead of a fabric shaver". I jumped to the bathroom and fetched a disposable razor, applied it to the cushion and to my surprise, watched it remove all of the lint and pills with tremendous ease. I laughed out loud and spent the rest of the afternoon shaving my pillows. I thought I'd share that little tip with you guys. Your welcome.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

TATUM CHANNING IS NOT RELATED TO CAROL. I don't think I want to dance for a living anymore.

No, they are not related.
Tatum Channing is in fact not really related to Carol Channing as I believed up to two weeks ago. You look at him and think here was another actor/pretty face with an enchanted life that makes one just sick with disgust. I have since seen a couple of his movies because they seemed so ridiculous they had to be funny.  He can't possible take his movies serious. No one can. Not yet anyways, if ever. He is very pretty to look at, though. He has been blessed with the pretty genes.  After seeing several of his movies in the past and after today I now think I have some kind of man crush on him. Not like make out with his face sorta thing ('cause everyone knows that would be STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN- just kidding Stone Cold-Only if it was a life or death situation). I like watching his movies. THE TATE (that is what I would call him if we hung out, you know) looks like he doesn't take himself too serious, either. I recently (today) saw 21 Jumpstreet the Movie (YES YES I did). I can stand to see Tatum do anything, really, that seems to be the bottom line.
    I know. Nobody cares to see another television show remake. This is not the best television show remake, either (that would be TRANSFORMERS, or Charlies Angles {YES YES I said Charlies Angels, McGee knows his way around pretty women and making eye candy}). I liked it, though, lots. I laughed out loud in the theater and was not one bit self conscious.  I really like seeing buddy movies, feel good movies, likeable puppy dog dorks in action movies are cool and if one of them happens to be Tatum, well...nuff said. Who's buying popcorn?

 I don't think I want to dance for a living anymore. As many of you know I had been doing situps and drinking water in hopes of doing some dancing as a career move. Two things have happened since that post.
One: I have fallen off my routine of doing situps and hydrating.
Two: I now want to consider this instead of dancing as a career change: PARKOUR!!!

Let me know what you think.

Saturday, March 24, 2012



Do you know Gavin Mcinnes?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Movie Friday.


ridding in cars with a camera

tamarind in tree
The amazingly scented mamey fruit. So sweet...
Last and Final post on my vacation. As some of you know. It's been weeks since I got back from my vacation but I'm barely getting done with organizing and selecting stuff to keep. Like I had mentioned previously, I always forget how great a getaway is until I am on it, midway through it. Whether it's just an inexpensive weekend getaway to camp under the stars eating peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches or planning a two week trip and all the stuff that can get done away from home in a foreign country, it's good to get away. Take some good people with you, someone that you haven't connected with in a while. It just can't be beat. I do like to see stuff I haven't seen before, and experience new things, but I'm sure I wouldn't mind just sitting by the beach or a pool would be fine as well. Here I've got some pictures of myself riding in the back or a pick up truck all over town, so much fun yelling at friends and being yelled at from a distance. I've managed to take some photos of the tamarind fruit in  its tree, if that is what the tasty pod is, is it a fruit or something else?

second archeological site

Second archeological site and face etching with shady guava tree

I plan to have as many vacations as are available to me, and to spend as much time as humanly possible with people I like and just adore and less with people who are not so nice. I find it hard to believe that sooo many people can be as mean as they are. I don't mean people so self absorbed that they don't take notice of anyone else. I mean seriously mean people who actively put effort into being mean and spiteful to others. People who you can see actually plot against other people. I, again, don't mean people who plot against one mortal enemy who did them wrong at the work place. I'm talking about those very specific people who are not happy unless they are tormenting someone, or throwing someone under the bus. If one person is unavailable to receive their cruelty, they move on to someone else. They don't care whom as long as they make someone unhappy. They genuinely cannot be happy on their own they are miserable miserable sadists. Oh but things really do come back around. Tides change and he who lives by the sword...Many, many times I've witnessed some cruel son of a bitch get their dues. And every time it's still sad. Some thing bad happened to them, and they cannot be happy. I wish them well, but nobody should put up with that shit. I plan to stay clear of such self-loathing.
    Here's to wishing all of you have a great great year, making everyday day count. Next month is April, soon it'll be summer and shortly after it's gone. MAKE THE MOST OF EVERYDAY. I cannot stress it enough. Hope to bump into you in the real world as you make your impression on it. Or you can always post here, it's that kind of place. I've posted a fun light movie that I hope you like, don't forget it's... free!!!