Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Suits us just fine, boys. Hope you did all you wanted.

Bombay Bicycle Club - Leave It (Flipbook Remix) - Free MP3 Download

That link there above is a free download from RCRD, From Bombay Bicycle Club. Some free music for you. Hope you're able to download. Give your friends free music too. My gift to you from my insides and from, not as squishy nor as gross, from RCRD LBL (smileyface)

dudes dancing
    Had the most jam packed weekend, fun filled and celebrating with friends. I feel so lucky, hope you guys feel as happy, and if not we'll plan for your next time, some good time.
    We had a birthday celebration in our midst, hey little birthday lady! you ain't so little anymore (if you know what I mean, yea...all that, and that other thing too). You're a big girl now. Hugs and bugs little biggie tiny. You will always be a little lady in our eyes, though. Had some delicious foods and the best horchata (rice drink served cold) ever!, really that thing was so good it had cinnamon and it was so perfect, I think I will remember it for a long, long time. Many more birthdays to you!! You know who you are.
    Tomorrow is Monday so let's get in a good mood for all the good things that are just waiting to come into our lives, let's be welcoming and open, always with a smile!

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