Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The problem: Falling out of your clothes in public. It's only Wednesday!!!

    Psst- your fuzzy peaches are showing again and Its only Wednesday

Now this here comercial is for all them peoples out there showing too much stuff when you guys are wearing them designer Low Riding jeans. It's some giant issue for those who forgot a belt or have grown bit too much and can't help but show some pale bits. Apparently bending over is impossible without letting too much outta that bag. Sitting down without the giants displayed was unheard of before, for some. Relax. There is help now.
    Without sounding terrible crass, I think I should say something on behalf of the guys out there that really don't mind when you hang out too much. We like seeing more of you, think of it as a compliment. And If you're not awfully embarrassed by it, well even better. Truth be told: we appreciate it. We're thankful for the bonus weight you put on during the Holidays We look forward to it. A highlight of the day really is when the slippage occurs, the poppin', floppin' or slippin' out of, the weak seam, or just enough weight gain to occasion a torn seat in a pair of pants, the occasional exposure of the unexposed is just a wonder to behold and marvel at. Just saying. It helps in the monotony of a crappy job. Not every guy feels the same way, I should point out. Some people are gonna help you guys out with that visible sugar filled muffin top or the exposed midsection everyone is shocked by. The trendy top is here to the rescue. Take advantage of this amazing item unless your finally gonna start buying and wearing clothes in your correct size. That'll be the day right?

This here song makes me go effen nuts with all the bleeps and beats and stuff going on in the background, so catchy after the second listen it's almost too good. I dance like a cat chasing a laser pointer, with grace of course.

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