Monday, March 5, 2012

Jack White on SNL, Monday

dudes: just hanging


It' so nice to see somebody putting so much work into working it out. I don't know what he's doing or why, but every so often this man and his associates will put out some crazy song that let's us know: he knows what the fuck he's doing. Let him go. Some people wish he were more focused and easier to follow, that's not who he is, or his trajectory. Let's enjoy the little good that does come our way musically, we, being force fed so much junk regularly, in this case, its from this natural force that can pummel any place, anytime. Most artists sound like poop on SNL, not the case, this time. Since fell in love with a girl he's definitely got nothing to prove to us. It's his own approval he's after, I'm sure.
     Dudes and Dudettes, on Saturday Night Live, with somethin' new, and new band, again,                                  Here's Jack White!!

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