Sunday, May 31, 2015



Life is really what you want it to be. I want my life to matter, I want to be influenced and positively influence those around me. I want to bump into people that are on a path, to making this world a better place. You know who you are. The people that are daily looking for ways to improve this planet and this daily grind. Wherever you may be. Whatever part of the world you find yourself in. I truly believe we are not so different. Time and space is nothing but a thing. It's what you do while you occupy a time and a space. What you do with your natural gifts: the gift of sight and mobility, ability to reason and sympathize. I want my life to be filled by people doing something and I am willing to post daily to remind you and me that we are all connected and closer than we think. manwasIdrunk.

Saturday, May 30, 2015


Friday, May 29, 2015


Challenges taken
    I was talking to a friend and it was mentioned that "They wished they could leave their responsibilities as they were a bit tired and fed up" I felt a weird connection as I had thought the exact same thing in a moment of ire and hopelessness just days before (as I watched my closet literally collapse and send many of my wigs and costumes a tumblin' down, just got closer to finally organizing my bedroom- le sigh!- just kidding I don't own any costumes or wigs, at least none that I keep out of my bolted safe but next to my extra wide hip jeans- LOL). I was however, reminded that I had asked to be challenged, not so long ago. As I felt I had reached a plateau in my life and I was ready to move up to the the big leagues, the next level and have more things on my plate including possibly a relationship? but definitely more outlets and forms of expressing myself and getting across to people. Of becoming bonafide if you will. I wanted to be able to handle more as I felt I had grown accustomed to the life I was living and I wanted to live life bigger and louder. I just needed to be challenged more. I had completely forgotten this desire I had just at the end of last year, because immediately following these thoughts, like a tidal wave my life was tossed about from every direction, sometimes changing from one moment to the next. When my friend said those words however I recalled that will to be challenged that I had sent out to make myself a better version of myself. It was here. I had asked and I was receiving.     
    Make no mistake I am not happy, comfortable, 'in my element' or engulfed in the warm and fuzzies. Not by a long shot, I do feel like everyday I am learning something, and some days I feel I am re-learning a lesson that I cannot fully grasp. Some things that I had forgotten and need to re-learn or refocus on
 Everday and sometimes several times a day:
I am not super-human.
I am not better than.
That we are all so similar no matter how different things may look.
It's all one day at a time, minute by minute, take it easy no matter how quickly things seem to advance. It's still just life and the important things don't change. manwasIdrunk


Texting new way to upload gifs…

Thursday, May 28, 2015

MECANO -WHO IS?- Thursday

 I am currently listening to this influential Spanish band called MECANO. This one song in particular, that I am stuck on, however. Initially it's about the crashing of some party. Being enthralled by the snacks the food,  all the colored lights and COCA COLA for everyone! But then falling for some pretty girl, then finding someone who'll introduce you. Although I figure if you've already crashed the party decorum and manners are probably not very high on your priorities, so introduce yourself. I know if I was a pretty girl at a party wearing a frilly 1980's dress, or an androgynous soldier boy/girl, I would be thrilled to meet a rebel. It was the 80's. That's what people did.
   I like the synthesizer sounding like and organ much like Visage and the singers' high voice. I've always been fascinated by her smallish voice, so cute. It's from 1982, wow, it all looks so bizarre now ENJOYmanwasIdrunk.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Tuesday, May 26, 2015


All right my chimichangos. How goes it? I was trying to wait until I had something deep or heartfelt to say to you guys. I do not. I do know I have been going through some pretty heavy stuff in the last couple of months. I have a lot of things going on. They are all going on at the same time. I do know that there is so many worse things going on in the world and I feel terrible complaining about my petty little issues. This keeps me from complaining. I won't. I will tell you that all things that happen are an opportunity to react and become active. I am seizing these things as a chance for change. I have no desire or need to post less as I see it. If anything I want to post more I just need to be more cohesive about this. Maybe more creative? We'll see. Let's keep it real in the meantime. K? manwasIdrunk. that last keep it real was a LOL btw.

My reaction as a Texan hearing about all the drought in California