Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday- It's raining come on Get Happy It's St Patty's Day!!!

                                                                      It's Saturday once again, and you thought it would never come. Now what?  Are you ready or to tired to do anything?
It's raining out here in SoCal. And that is not nearly enough to keep us in. I will be going to see a movie. I will eat some food. I think I will also do some cleaning around the house . I've already done some situps, and the world is wide open.
    Once again remember to do anything you wanted to do and couldn't seem to get around to do it. If you need to sleep more, we need to figure out a way to get that in there because that is so important. Lack of sleep is responsible for so many wardrobe mistakes ( you know who you are out there). Lack of sleep is also responsible for so many other things that can go wrong, including a negative attitude a solid base for all things terrible. Let's address this things that seem like such a whatever deal. That "oh I'll just sleep when I'm dead" attitude. In the meantime we have to put up with some shitty attitude during all your waking hours, let's get you to act right. WE LIKE YOU. Do not make us shake you. If we need to start planning things like sleeping instead of drinking and breaking things late at night, well, so be it. Let's do it. All your dreams can come true, and get happy 'cause we is going to shake this city and do it right!!! We do need you well rested for this to happen. Okay? Ready? -C'mon then.

Dudes. Apron strings.

Happy St. Patty's day!!!!

 I think it's so nice to see a momma help her grown son cook up something to eat. Often times, they want to do it for you, it's easier, we know. It's just that a man has got to fend for hisself, sometimes. It's good also to see a man ask for help. You never see that. It's like it's so unheard of. I mean I would never ask for any help, ever!- but that's just me. (I'm just kidding mamma, lol). Also it's nice to see the family tradition carried on.Also, it's about food, so sign me up.

I've decided to pursue the dancing career I wanted to pursue 2 decades ago. Now is the time.The time is now. I'm ready!!!!
    It's my third day doing sit-ups.I figure if I continue to do sit-ups and drink a bit more water, I should be able to go into any club and dance like these gentlemen. I might scare some people but I would not care.

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