Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday. Rock n Rolling in the dark.

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I had been feeling a tremendous desire to go out and get fucked up. I mean go down the street to the bar and see what all my old friends are up to. I start making plans to go and realize that I don't actually want to drink or even hang out while people drink. What I really want is the loud music and the sitting around doing nothing after wondering what to wear, finally deciding on jeans and a t-shirt. I decided to do something about it: I decided to buy a six pack, take a shower and put on a different jeans and a t-shirt, some cologne. I picked out some records and said  neighbors be fucked, I turned up the music and turned out the lights. There I sat listening to music stinking of cologne in the dark, with nothing but a night light in the shape of a lavender lily( it's the only one we had), I needed some mood light. That is how my roommate found me one Friday. I wasn't expecting him until much later. Oh well, worse things have happened. After some explaining I decided it just looked better if I walked my ass down the street to the damn bar.
    That is what I did last nite. It turns out it doesn't hurt to socialize. It makes you feel better to see people that are happy to see you. Make sure people are happy to see you, is the bottom line.
    for those of you wondering what the heck happened to JOJO. That incident was several weeks ago,though. My roommate, JOJO, has left for now. I was left with a half decorated apartment, when he decided he had to move to a different state to care for his dear old friend. He does have a sick friend, he just left a project unfinished. I just wasn't expecting him to leave so soon. I'm not surprised I must say, though. He'd be back he said. I believe him, but I cannot wait for him to finish getting stuff done around the apt. That's the JOJO we all know and love. I was a little mad at first. I couldn't even talk about it at first. I'm good now. It's not the first time he's done this, either. I'm also almost finished decorating. It looks good. I may post some pictures. He texted me today and said he may be back in a couple of weeks, we'll see. I will punch him in the guts when I see him. No, I won't. But I'll want to.

I started working out again. it just makes you feel better and helps to clear your mind. I am drinking water. I might take up long walks if the weather stabilizes around here. This is my goal. I will rock so much parkour it will hurt. I will let you know how it turns out:  PARKOUR!!


On this episode of the NEW GIRL, Schmidt celebrates with ...PARKOUR.

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