Monday, March 26, 2012

MONDAY. He spent the day shaving his pillows.

I washed my sheets the other day. That means I have to go down to the laundromat or washeteria or who knows what they call in in your neck of the woods. It's a big deal to take all my comforters and head down to the public washing machines, you know? I also took two new towels to wash while I was down that way. It went a whole lot quicker that normal washing machines because they're huge. I tossed it all to dry, separated the towels with some small sofa cushions that also needed cleaning. I done this tons of times before separated the colors correctly, and dried it up properly. I in fact, ended up wish the fuzziest gnarliest turquoise sofa cushions ever. ARG!!!Darn towels released soo much fuzz and it all attached to these cushions, dang!!! I decided to buy a fuzz remover. I'd put it off for ever, now was the time. I have no room for fuzzy cushions. I'm not rich enough (yet) to just throw out some turquoise thingamabobs.
    That was days ago. It rained today and that seemed like the perfect time to go shopping with all the crazy California drivers. I looked up the cheapest fabric shaver and estimated to spend from 10-23 dollars. As I was getting to leave and turn off the computer, I followed a link to quickly and cheaply removing lint off of fabrics. It said to "take a cheap disposable razor and use that instead of a fabric shaver". I jumped to the bathroom and fetched a disposable razor, applied it to the cushion and to my surprise, watched it remove all of the lint and pills with tremendous ease. I laughed out loud and spent the rest of the afternoon shaving my pillows. I thought I'd share that little tip with you guys. Your welcome.

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