Friday, March 23, 2012

Movie Friday.


ridding in cars with a camera

tamarind in tree
The amazingly scented mamey fruit. So sweet...
Last and Final post on my vacation. As some of you know. It's been weeks since I got back from my vacation but I'm barely getting done with organizing and selecting stuff to keep. Like I had mentioned previously, I always forget how great a getaway is until I am on it, midway through it. Whether it's just an inexpensive weekend getaway to camp under the stars eating peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches or planning a two week trip and all the stuff that can get done away from home in a foreign country, it's good to get away. Take some good people with you, someone that you haven't connected with in a while. It just can't be beat. I do like to see stuff I haven't seen before, and experience new things, but I'm sure I wouldn't mind just sitting by the beach or a pool would be fine as well. Here I've got some pictures of myself riding in the back or a pick up truck all over town, so much fun yelling at friends and being yelled at from a distance. I've managed to take some photos of the tamarind fruit in  its tree, if that is what the tasty pod is, is it a fruit or something else?

second archeological site

Second archeological site and face etching with shady guava tree

I plan to have as many vacations as are available to me, and to spend as much time as humanly possible with people I like and just adore and less with people who are not so nice. I find it hard to believe that sooo many people can be as mean as they are. I don't mean people so self absorbed that they don't take notice of anyone else. I mean seriously mean people who actively put effort into being mean and spiteful to others. People who you can see actually plot against other people. I, again, don't mean people who plot against one mortal enemy who did them wrong at the work place. I'm talking about those very specific people who are not happy unless they are tormenting someone, or throwing someone under the bus. If one person is unavailable to receive their cruelty, they move on to someone else. They don't care whom as long as they make someone unhappy. They genuinely cannot be happy on their own they are miserable miserable sadists. Oh but things really do come back around. Tides change and he who lives by the sword...Many, many times I've witnessed some cruel son of a bitch get their dues. And every time it's still sad. Some thing bad happened to them, and they cannot be happy. I wish them well, but nobody should put up with that shit. I plan to stay clear of such self-loathing.
    Here's to wishing all of you have a great great year, making everyday day count. Next month is April, soon it'll be summer and shortly after it's gone. MAKE THE MOST OF EVERYDAY. I cannot stress it enough. Hope to bump into you in the real world as you make your impression on it. Or you can always post here, it's that kind of place. I've posted a fun light movie that I hope you like, don't forget it's... free!!!             


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