Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday what to wear...what to wear...hmmm

Gigantic...A big, big love-Pixies

famous dudes

Hey guys I found this lovely little blog post that was helping the forward thinking man to look his best. Some men can't stand to be left behind fashion-wise. I get it, I was in High School, once. That is how we get baby Tee's on fully grown adults who should probably think about it, if for nothing else for the discomfort of wearing T-shirts sized for Babies. With that in mind, I present to you Mantyhose. They look delish, not sure everyone can pull them off though (or pull them on for that matter)

Alright it's Saturday don't let the day escape you without doing what you wanted. 
    If you want to sleep all day, then do it, if it's hard for you to do, then work toward getting it done. 
    If you want to finish some project before the day is done and the new week begins so you can have the feeling of accomplishment then: good deal and good luck, may all the unicorns in the world unite to help you with your task. 
    If this is the day you try something new and shocking (A new hairdo, a mustache, women's undergarments, pleather, big sun hats, shaving [ouch] somewhere, dating someone other than yourself [however fun you may be], cowboy boots,  roller skates, posting a picture of yourself in skivvies or without) well why the fuck not???... just suit up. put on them big boy pants and take it like a man! We're all cheering for you.
    SEIZE THE DAY. Its all yours. No Regrets.

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