Friday, September 5, 2014


What is uuup my dear poquitos taquitos? I know I did not get a chance to tell you, seeing as I was all feely and emotional-like, but my weekend was not what I thought it would be. It was a long weekend up over here in the USofA. People went everywhere, I had prior commitments so I could not leave town. I also cannot afford to go very far (...yet), finances being what they are. Soon. I did not go camping or go to Vegas. I instead attended this: Los Angeles Philhormonic with the maestro of movies Mr. John Williams, at the Hollywood bowl, Different guests have appeared, throughout the years. This year fortune shined down on us by providing us with special guest Seth Macfarlane (...many would disagree but he, along with Jimmy Fallon, can do it all when compared to current talent). Yup that same Seth; Family Guy (STEWIE), American Dad (ROGER!!!!), TED(aka Rupert).The Summer concert series is some amazing event that happens in The Hollywood Bowl, carved into the Hollywood hills. I cannot begin to explain or express the vastness of feelings that go with an outdoor show, if you've never been, to one. If presented with the chance however, take it. This one venue is quite unique for LaLa land as you can bring in your own food and beverage (alcoholic, or not). Or you can get gauged at the stand, your choice. I wonder if LaLa people are responsible enough to handle it. Hope so. As I love this place. Would hate to see the summer concert series gone. so the question I am asking I guess is are you ready? can u handle it?? (j/k) o-O ---manwasIdrunk

I have always loved Seth but the idea that he's "polishing off a bottle of wine" and perhaps is one of the fans that go crazy, waving light sabers during Darth Vaders' theme just makes it all warm and fuzzy(ier) than it already was.

Have you guys been watching The Stain?? Oh my- manwasIdrunk!

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