Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Let's raise the minimum wage -pretty ugly Wednesday

I find it laughable (and not in a good way) that, the minimum wage just went up in July in an effort to try and catch up with the cost of living in Los Angeles and two months later the cost of public transport goes up. It is not a funny matter trying to outrun the poor. Poverty is not going away by trying to outrun it. It is everywhere. It affects all of us directly, more and more. Minimum wage would not be such an issue if companies that hired didn't want to pay less and less for more work done. Sooner or later these companies would love to pay just the minimum. While still having stellar earnings, while still keeping promotions to a small percent. While government is in all manner assistance, making up the shortcomings of companies. Companies that also got government assistance to keep from collapsing. So, yes, lets raise the minimum wage to something that companies that already have been assisted, can return the favor whether they want to or not. If they wont voluntarily raise wages, let us provide some assurance that the poor won't drain government resources on another turn. So let's make that minimum wage something that is tolerable and more importantly: something to live on. If companies won't do it voluntarily, we can fix that. The idea that free markets will take care of itself, proved itself wrong by requiring government bailouts, so let's get some benefits from our government assistance monies. It's not a handout if it was our money to begin with that bailed everyone out,Right? I am ready how about, you?

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