Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I saw THE CONJURING, recently. I liked it. I liked that I couldn't easily dismiss this movie as just another excess of gore movie. Too eager to chop off limbs and show graphicly how bodies could be dismembered. Like all that slew of movies that were not in the slightest bit scarry of the last decade. Just the sheer genre of a lot of unimaginative sudden cuts in the hopes of scaring you by simply surprising you. Suddenly cutting to weird masks, or weird scenes shot in odd lighting, sudden shots of something bloody. The equivalent of jumping at you from behind a door as you enter a room then shouting annoyingly loud: BOO! -wow. I could not easily peg The Conjuring. It tried to get you interested in all the characters. It was layered enough, with intrigue. The ghost itself let some things to be desired, but by then it was too late. I had invested long enough time to not see the end. It was kinda creepy and scary, it does make you hyper aware of all noises in your surroundings, minutes after you watch it. So the reason I bring it up, is this: I was walking down the street sometime this week when I walked past some poster advertising some kind of sequel. I walked by the poster, I froze then slowly backtracked (all cartoon-like), my eyes lit up as I recognized the stupid doll from the movie. Oh shit. I doubt any of my friends want to see it with me. All the better for me, as I scare easier if I watch a movie unaccompanied.

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