Monday, September 8, 2014



Cooking shows, Chefs, what could be better??. Guys cooking up a storm tasting and double tasting, making sure it tastes good ?? AAARRGG! You guys know that I just lurv me some Michael Symone. I can post and repost, chefs pictures cause...well...they're just so special! Dabbling in the art of food and cooking stuff, it just melts all my defenses. It is such a dreamy activity. I don't thing these people get their due recognition and rewards, up until recently they were kinda not so recognizable.
I totally think they are far more deserving of their fame, than most other reality show 'stars'. I can totally see people cooking on my television all day, if possible. Not all are good, but once again different strokes.... I don't think I can go to a taping of these shows, for fear of passing out when you only see the food but don't get to eat it. So I will stick to watching them on my television set or the internet. At home you can at least shovel regular rice down your throat when they cook some exotically seasoned rice. I know for sure that I just loose it. It is no wonder that there are several channels dedicated to people of all genders that dabble in food porn. Keep it going cooks, 'cause this stuff if just lovely. -manwasIdrunk


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