Thursday, September 4, 2014


I need to be undetstanding of my limits and allow for mistakes and inconsistencies. I expect me to be perfect sometimes and that fuels dissapointment and feelings of inadaquacies. Blemish-free Perfection should not be a human goal. While it is reasonable to push myself and grow and strive to do more, sometimes I loose perspective. I am harder on myself than I am of any corporation , company or business that employs many. Sometimes I am unaware that I am being unfair with me. That is an act that above most others gets me frustrated and quickly makes me drop projects and tasks. I will allow for mistakes today. I will not be so demanding of me. I do that of others, I will do that for me today. Let's grow together. Let's be better together, while still being ourselves.
p.s. I am listening to Polyphonic Spree today. It fits the weather tremendously, with fall approaching and all. I believe they are far more choir than rock group. Amazing for damn sure.

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