Thursday, September 25, 2014


I hope you are all doing pretty good and feeling like you can take on the world. You'd be correct in thinking this way. I am gonna tell you all a little secret (I have two middle fingers on one hand [just kiddin' I just wanted to see if yo could picture that ]). SERIOUSLY:If you perceive things to be one way they can be. I would like to just like to take this opportunity and tell you that if you want to feel like the world is your oyster and you are the pearl, well then you are. Go on you irradescent being you! Make it all about you. You deserve to be the center of your world, just remember, other people are busy being the center of their worlds, too, and it's all good.

Sometimes, though, I meet people that don't make themselves the center of their world, and maybe sometimes they should, without feeling guilty about it. There is a sadness about them, I just want to say:take today off and get a massage. Other times, like today, I encounter people that speak waaay louder than an indoor voice needs to be. They insist on being the center of everybody's world within earshot. We get it, you are not invisible, you will not be ignored. Now turn the volume on that squack-box you call a voice to half of whatever it is you think people have conversations at, some of us are trying to concentrate on living.I have met people who insist on playing their music louder than their ears should require in a confined space, like the bus. Might I suggest some .99¢ headphones. We don't all think your music is so good as to be forced to listen to it before I can get my second cup of coffee in. I get the idea of getting pumped, or psyched off of music. I love agood party jam. That's a-okay, but what I migjt consider a great partaaay jam, you may consider the wailings of someone who suffers from constipation regularly, for fun even. Right, it's freaking awesome in your head, but what if your music is not as tough, hard or as good as you think? Headphones.


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