Saturday, September 27, 2014


metro blue line is broken. We here at manwaIdrunk have been getting word from our sources on the street ( in reality just a distant cousin that we never see but lives near LongBeach-He's too good for LA but he's not to good to constantly attemt to borrow money from his relatives who do live here hmmm). Word on the street is that without explanation the Metro Blue Line will stop for 10-15 minutes shortly after leaving Downtown Los Angeles. It appears that it will sit immobile, whith its passengers left to their own devices, as cramped and as hot as it can fit with people piled in. People leaving from downtown offices and jobs hoping to get home to rest and some microwaved dinner (oh- that's just me?)while avoiding heavy traffic on the streets. Note:These daily unscheduled and time-sucking stalling breaks come weeks after a year of repairs to the Blue Line that made the rail shut off unexpectadely. Forcing customers to wait while repairs were made. On other occassions you were diverted at the Downtown hub and shuttled by bus to a seperate stop where you would catch the Blue Line. All time consuming issues that do NOT lend themselves to a intelligent arguement about why one should ride public transporttation. Thinking twice about riding Metro? That is my point exactly. PLEASE PLEASE Fix the Blue Line properly. It has years been in the process. Get yourselves together over there and fix public tranaportation. Let's hire the right people.Let' s get people that want the job of being creative with advertising and sponsorship for a system that sees and has access to countless people daily, all before 10:00 AM. That is every single day. Los Angelenos are simply so many and transalate to so much ttaffic and so much exposure to ANY company or corporation. It is not an option, it is simply what we need to happen. No lie. We can totally set an example. LEADERSHIP is the key. THIS IS L.A.-manwaIdrunk.

It has been quite a week here. A lot of stuff happened. I am not going to lie. It has been a big week emotionally. I am foremost thankful for all the good things in my life. I want to shout it out or ASMR it to you. I wish you all the same, if not better, above all else. I cannot stress it enough. I feel so blessed and fortunate. I hope your weekend kicks butt. I hope your week has some pleasant surprises for you and my you pass your good fortune and happiness to thise around you.-manwasIdrunk!


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