Sunday, September 7, 2014


I love cooking shows sooo much you guys already know. I lurv lurv 'em. There is so many apects to them that make them appealing to so many people like myself. Many don't know this but for a long time recipes were published in books. Really. Or were ripped out of magazines. No more. Cooking shows rule. They are pretty to look at, like moving recipe pictures. The movie version of your favorite cookbook, if you will (for once: better than the book!). Depending on your preference of food and personality or lack thereof (Sandra we're looking at you), you can pick a cook based on your belief system: "Show me a skinny cook and I'll show you a terrible cook!" (ahem Saaandie). Or you can simply pick a cook to calm you down after a hard day at work, like an ASMR video or meditation with a Mexican or a Mediterranean theme + basil or wine (always, always basil or wine, dunno why, just is). Or you can just look at a good looking cook, while you eat a not so good microwaveable dish and just pretend. Nothing wrong with a little fantasy, besides you never know, something might stick. You might learn how to sauté, or how to broil (I know I never knew). You may learn some presentation for your microwaveable chicken pot pie; make it look good! I know I can never get enough of these shows. So let's here it for all these folks that throw themselves full into a cooking experience. I may not be very good at it, I may hardly do it, but I love to know someone is. YAY! manwasIdrunk.

How about some CHORAL MUSIC?? fellas? It's a choir!!

the polyphonic spree - it's the sun

The Polyphonic Spree - Light and Day

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