Saturday, September 6, 2014

Hollywood Bowl, John Williams Maestro of the movies, with special guest Seth Macfarlane Aug30- Saturday

I have been trying to grow a healthy garden in this draught. It is not impossible. I ate green beans, basil, tomatoes and a few peppers just today. We also have fruit trees that I have managed to maintain green by placing many of the plants near, if not direcly underneath these trees. All the overflow or runnoff water goes directly to these trees. The garden is greener than ever. Having a garden when living in apartments is not impossible. I have had to say goodbye to several plants thanks to The San Fernando Valley sun. Plants that did just fine in Los Angeles, sadly perished. Some plants I've had to pair with other plants so as to mutually provide shelter from the crazy noon heat. Some plants have stunted growth. I have had to change pots and stimulate the roots. It took a while but I think we have figured out what plants do better in which spots. I have had many of these plants for years. I have become in some way attached, I suppose. I am fine with that. It provides me pleasure to care for them. I am inspired by them, individual leave placecement and grouping, their flowering, foliage and nature in general. I have sketched some of them for manwasIdrunk. I hope to continue with that aspect of this blog, and hope you guys enjoy it. Get a small plant to care for, if you get the chance. You can dress it in any type of potting receptacle, any color, and it dresses up any room. It provides a type of serenity you may come to appreciate. Good day. I SAID GOOD DAY SIR!


Seriously considering living by logo *FOREVER 21-or at the very least getting it tattoed.
Let me know if you agree or disagree. manwasIdrunk!

Seth MacFarlane sings at the John Williams LA Phil concert.


Seth MacFarlane at the Hollywood Bowl



*not really as FOREVER 21 is a retail store store specialimg in ant-aging, love potions, and little yellow plastic bags with their logo on it that wull forever haunt landfields -manwasIdrunk! *NOT SERIOUS AS FOREVER 21 IS A RETAIL STORE SPECIALIZING IN ANTI-AGING POTIIONS AND 

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