Sunday, September 21, 2014


I notice, as I get older (...well you know what I mean, a little older), I notice that society moves in cycles. Fashion comes and goes. Many people live their lives by a belief system, regardless of the fashions. While, I have noticed,many many people aspire to follow their ideals, or stick to their ideals but for whatever reason, seem to follow fashionable causes, and are following social trends rather than being consistent about their own ideals.

I say this because I notice causes that come and go, some of these I truly believe in. I think we are better for taking them on, have come and gone. Some causes have come back again. I love when they are in fashion , like recycling. I love when recycling is in fashion. People buy bags made out of recycled materials. So many things can be made from recycled items. It frees up needed space in landfields that could be used for greener matters. Recycling creates jobs, on many of its facets to being recycled. It is cheaper to make plastic, than to recycle it. Companies trying to cut corners wherever possible do not care the consequences to the environment. Their main concern is how will their shares do this quarter. I can see where making something like recycling a trend, benefits them. Not us as asociety. I am just wondering about our,my place in this age of instant gratification. Have a good week!! --manwasIdrink

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