Monday, September 15, 2014

LA METRO RAISES FARE- Ugly Pretty Ugly WEEK- Monday

     I hope you all are enjoying yourselves whether you are in the SoCali sun or not. It is nice and hot out here. I am sweating as I write this, but that is okay, I couldn't want anything else, I mean besides a glass of lemonade. I have been putting my resume out there, because I am positive that I am going to make more money soon. I want it. We all do, I believe. Let's make it happen.
    I know that it looks like we are taking a turn, focusing on things that are not altogether pleasant. I feel that so much is going on right now, I just love that. We are so fortunate to be alive during this time. I cannot say that enough. WE ALL ARE SO FORTUNATE TO BE AROUND TO SEE AND PARTICIPATE IN THE NOW.  I know we will not allow something as small as wages that are stagnant (we need that fixed), and public transport that is not mindful of belonging to and forging a direction for the future.We'll fix that as well. It's a work of love. Us, together, forging ahead. I would invite you all along, but that goes without saying. We are all in this together. SO LET'S GET IT RIGHT!!! -manwasIdrunk.

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