Friday, September 26, 2014



Hot tradie cub!

Hey HEY hey, what is going on, this Friday, my taquitos รก la mode? I was caught off gaurd as I watched Conan O'brien last night; I was laughing up a storm until I was't. You see I could no longer laugh as I had fallen asleep with the television on. I had worked the previous night until very late, way past my bedtime (btw Thanks to everyone who helped with project "This job sucks and waaaay underpays" the night before, you know who you are ;-)fellow co-workers). Then I turned around and worked very early the next day (o-o thanks boss! Just happy for the hours is all!). I thought I was fine until the warm night watching some television turned into early morning stumbling around looking for the remote control. I fell asleep. It's always funny to wake up wondering what the fuck...where...what...oh...okay. I'm good now. Slept well enough to cure hangover, if I had one. I did not. Don't forget fellas to make this weekend a niiice weekend filled with giggkes fun and dancing because...well you can do those things. And enjoy your weekend fully, enough to begin next week with gusto! and ready for anything even if your job is crappy and doesn't pay well. Don't I know it well. I've been there.-manwasIdrunk rubootsoz:

Holding up a wall!

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