Monday, September 15, 2014


Now, as I rode the bus the last couple of weekends, I could not help but notice that bus services has been cut. Saturday bus service is extremely poor. You know that the people that ride the bus have little choice of transportation. They mostly ride the bus until they can afford to buy their own car. It is simply environmentally sound to have people ride the bus instead of each jumping into their individual car and crowd the highways polluting the air. Considering that this is LA it really is our only choice and our best alternative for transport. It is clear after riding the bus this weekend, however, the modern buses whose pictures that emblazon this blog: manwasIdrunk! it is clear that there is some issues have been raised. I think they need to be reminded that most people ride the bus system to get from one place to a needed destination. Usually it's to and from work. This is a vital part of the Angeleno day. The rest of the day is pretty much dictated by how and if you got to work on time.If the transportation system is unreliable, by being
B- filled to over capacity (possibly because of reason A),
C-Not frequent enough (resulting in reason B)
You will not want to ride the bus. That is not what we are aiming for, right?
These are reasons to avoid using public transport. Not enough Metro buses on Saturday? Come on. Get real.  More buses on high traffic areas, for sure!
Bus fare in LA goes up to 1.75 flat rate, $5.00 for a day-pass, while minimum wage still under $9.00 an hour. I know that more than a few think that is just ridiculous and an outrage! Just a few years ago Metro system was lending money out to other entities, like a bank, because it was flush with monies. It should have been investing in LA instead. I think the services had improved; cleanliness, availability.

Up till recently I saw an improvement in the system. Then wages started escalating slowly, constantly. There is a reason for that I am sure, but with a system that not so long ago was lending out funds, and in a state that is so populous and yet so many people still living under the poverty line need an economical way to get around this sprawling metropolis. Again the minimum wage is barely at $9.00 DOLLARS, since July 2014 in California. Your base fare is $1.75, your day pass is $5.00 DOLLARS. It looks like we've got some management issues at the Los Angeles Metro offices. The Los Angeles Metro is not ready for the future today. This is Los Angeles, guys! GET IT TOGETHER. We will rise above as Cali always does, if we need some fixin' we'll fix it, wont we? Because we are surely getting ready for the future. --------manwasIdrunk.

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