Tuesday, September 9, 2014



I had an amazing weekend everyone!! I hope you all did to. I didn't do anything extravagant or special, unless you call visiting a Ben&Jerry's ice cream place extravagant (...but I can see where some people would; WhiteRussian ice cream! two scoops! wootwoot!!). I did some light cleaning, I visited with people I love, but we did nothing crazy, we didn't need to. We drank some coffee with cookies and watched Inglorious Bastards, let me tell you either the coffee, that was delicious btw, or Tarrantino, made some scenes way too tense for way too long. He beat a dead horse when it came to reiterating a bad guys' ability to creep you out. We get it, this guy is sinister. Enough screen time (I gots to pee Qu). It was enough to just hang with good company to make it an amazing weekend. I am still single (but ready to mingle!-only mildly funny when it rhymes), I should point out and while being coupled may be better or more fun. It is none of my concern since I am not coupled. It is me and I intend to have a good time every single minute I can. If I happen to meet someone, and we become involved, while I am conducting my life in the best and most awesome way imaginable, then way to goooo. Until then I will continue to make the most out of everyday. I want to be the type of person I would want to be around if I weren't me. Does that make sense? I hope so. I mean to say that I will not go regretting what would of been, or what could of been. I want to allow myself the opportunity to like myself, and grow into the person I always wanted and was meant to be.



Hello dear meximelted-chalupaLovers(I believe that should be next on the TACO BELL "menu")!! I hope you all are doing just great. I was watching a marathon of Dean Cain movies that I didn't know existed. I love that! I found just a whole bunch of movies, in which he is a military commander that appears like a 14 foot hologram, a movie in which he is being stalked by a dragon, and he lives!! Oh I don't know about you guys, but I can barely wait till I get home and finish watching my DEAN CAIN marathon.
Maybe I'll watch the one where he plays a gay man whose friends agree he would be the Julia Roberts character if their lives were like STEEL MAGNOLIAS.




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