Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ugly pretty Ugly Thursday

Munimum wage in California is $9.00 as of July. Metro day pass is $7.00. Base fare was $1.50, now $1.75. Doesn't seem like much of increase, .25¢, until you realize that the minum wage increase was for .50¢. The fifty cents are an attempt to catch up to the very real rising cost of living. Now metro wants half of your increase in wages you make in one hour, for one way. If you want to return from wherever you may be heading, possibly work, that's another half of your increase in an hours' wage. That is the only the Metros increase for this year. You can bet in Las Vegas that more increases are heading our way. Once again, that is just the increases for public transportation. Would you like to take into consideration all other increases heading our way? Are you ready?- I just kidding, I, myself am not ready. Let's take a breather here. BECAUSE IT JUST MAKES ME SO MAD.I just find it hard to believe that any increases in wages will be met by greedy grubby fingers, wanting a part of it. Let the playing field even out, damn. -manwasimad (!?!).

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