Tuesday, September 23, 2014



What is up my dear chimichangos? It is Tuesdaaaay. How is your week shaping up so far? Don't forget you are the captain of your ship. And you go wherever you want to. If you want to be stressed and miserably sad well that is a very easy place to get to. If you want to be navigating and enjoying yourself in happier waters, and who doesn't, well you can do that. All you gotta do is check your navigation daily; making sure your body, your spirit and your environment is in harmony. It can be done. Take five minutes in the morning to see what you want acheived in your day, picture how that looks, and the mood you want to be in, when all is acheived. Then set that image free into the world. At the end of the day take 5 minutes to check how you did. Give yourself credit for all acheivements done. Then see yourself relaxing through the night. Recharging your energies, while you rest. Getting ready to set sail next day again. Then repeat. Ready?-manwasIdrunk



I have been a little preoccupied what with thinking about the state of public transportation in this city of angels, and how we are moving into the future, as sure as the earth spins like a funny shaped basketball. It is an amazing time to be alive even with the minor setbacks that a hike in fares on our public trasport in a financially worried time. It just means we have to demand better management of these entities. We have to appoint leaders who will be creative when it comes to figuring ways to balance moving forward without laying all financial burdens at the feet of government and the poor.
It's nothing but a little thing. Surely we can create some type of sponsorship from all these media companies that want to invade all manner of public space with all type of gaudy adverts. Come on, this type of financing has been floating around for over a decade LOS ANGELES. Take down those tacky and distracting LED billboards, and instead sell limited ad space on busses and trains. Let companies sponsor public restrooms and luxury busses, while the city worries about and provide all types of insurace policies to cushion a companies' sponsorship. Let's replace all the politicians that are not moving forward with us.EASY-PEASY *LET'S MOVE INTO THIS. -manwasIdrunk




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