Sunday, September 28, 2014


It is windy and beautiful out in the NOHO, Y'ALL! What is going on in your part of the woods? Make every moment count! How about a coffee break or a tea party? so what if it's just you! Take a moment to relax and plot your succeses this coming week. It is going to rock!

I am listening to Bon Iver ( I think i'ts pronounced bone eye-ver). It mellows out with an odd singing style. I hope you Sunday is just going as good as possible if not better. I was looking to make sure it won't rain before stepping out today, but it would be pretty cool to get wet. Oh snap that is the title of my first major label debut album: GET WET. See you never know where inspiration is gonna come from. Where is my tape recorder...I put it around here somewhere...manwasIdrunk.

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