Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I hope you guys are having the best time ever. I hope you are laughing up a storm just being yourself. I spent a good part of this morning allowing my doggies to make me laugh. I laughed so hard. Just their expressions can send me into a fit. The way they look at me suddenly makes me take notice. I wonder, what the hell are they up to? I talk to them, which changes their expressions and behavior. I laugh very easily. And then it's a downhill laughfest as they go after me. I also had a good laugh writting something for this blog. I am such a dork and I will make myself laugh so hard sometimes. I get much more joy when I share things, however, so I do just that. You should have no fear, as I will not keep these to myself. Often before posting something I giggle like a little gurl. I try to make laughter a big part of my life, I forget to mention that. I suppose it is because much of it ends up on here: manwasIdrunk. But I seek out comedy and funny things with which to lighten up a day, any day of the week. I hope you guys are laughing it up. I just do.Keep it real y'all *real funny- manwasIdrunk.

It is not that hard to develop a habit. I am sure many of you have had experience with these. Many of you have had many experiences with these. It is pretty easy to develop a habit, particularly those considered bad habits, mainly because they are detrimental to your health, mental or physical. They are somehow very easy to adquire. You do something enough times, and soon you have a habit. If you join a buddy who is a smoker during break-time, after enough times you may start smoking. Smoke enough times, you may soon have a habit.
(Funny enough sidenote* the growing number of people that smoke pot, regularly, will argue passionately about how they are not addicted to pot smoking. Not many doctors come out publicly against pot smokers, yet, as was the case with cigarrettes. PUBLIC WARNINGS APLENTY. I believe the future will have these after many people have been widely afflicted. Why the wait??)
What I am getting at is that if you can develop habits that affect you negatively; monetarily or health-wise, why not nurture habits that will affect your life positively. You wake up daily, you go to sleep daily, you eat daily. Then you do it again, and again. Well you can develop a habit that you want to have if as soon as you wake up before every meal or before going to bed you put this habit-to-be in practice. Easy enough, right? Just saying, if you can so easily develop bad habits, why not good ones?

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