Sunday, September 14, 2014


Ok, so I spent a great deal of time yesterday mulling it over in my tiny head for a bit. I couldn't quite put my finger on how to format this manwasIdrunk! what with us moving forward. You know, progress? and I really only have been focusing on the positive. I couldn't help but just concentrating on the good, I mean besides the set-backs with my internet service provider (I'll get you yet, my pretty!). I have been taking the time to post the things I want in my life and the direction I want my life to be facing and going in. I haven't had the time to waste on negative things that need none of my energies. It's just been that way. Not too much of an effort, really, it just is. So much on the internet, one can easily get sucked into a negative cycle output. Putting out things that are negative in their nature. Recently there have been some goings on out here, that merit some attention, I feel. It is because I feel the need to bring these into the fold that it occurred to me to revisit a section that we had dropped. It was the perfect solution, dedicate a section to the newer questionable goings on that need not pull away from the positive direction we strive to be on. We can use it as we see the need, without looking for negative subject matter to post. I think we are able to adapt to anything, we can fill any need, and if we need to be shining a light in a particular direction well then we should stock up on solar power and energy to fuel this. Are you ready?-Let's do it!

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