Friday, April 27, 2012

NOHO Thursday. BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS-oh hell no-Is this HOMEWORK??

NO NORTH HOLLYWOOD-YES, it's true I will be gone for a spell. I know it seems like I just came back from my previous trip, but I like to plan ahead and make sure I have time set aside for me, nowadays . I spent too much time on others and this is sort of a new thing I'm doing. I don't want to leave you without much to do, so I've posted some stuff I've found and hope you can benefit from. They're books!! Books in different forms.
    I put the Charles Dickens in my player and was so damn surprised at how good it sounds. Try it, it did it thinking of you (wink wink)


George Orwell ANIMAL FARM.             Manor Farm.

If you thought you'd like to read more classic books or just books in general but don't find the time or patience, well maybe the movie will get you in the mood to apply yourself to the book. Some folks frown on the movie version of books because you don't get to use your imagination as fully as when reading. You are seeing characters through a directors eyes. While I get that, I'd rather have people get the classics one way or another, less and less I find this to be true. I don't care how you find To Kill A Mockingbird, so long as you do. This, however, is Animal Farm.




As I said before, I'd like to make things easier for people. If I find something that I feel may be useful to someone then I will gladly pass it along. I don't mean to offend people that already know about this form of  getting information, in this case books being read to you, I just figured if you don't you know. Hope you get some use out of it. If you don't but know someone who may, pass it along. Peace! my big whoppers.

Thanks to CC, and YouTube's accessibility,  THIS is an audio book. If you'd like to read more but are too tired and it's just been years since you last read one, that is a shame, maybe this can help. A book has been read and recorded so you can listen to it while in essence someone reads to you. Some people frown upon this as you are not reading it yourself. If you read along, I think it is the same thing. Maybe you'll move on to reading one yourself once you are back in the habit. cool?-cool.


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