Tuesday, April 17, 2012

early NOHO Wednesday-New York, where you at?GO N B SEEN

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx            NOHO Wednesday.
What is up my sweet, sweet FANGBANGERS, Yes, this is an early WEDNESDAY post. I normally post right after waking up at midnite to patrol the dark for stragglers and the runts of the litter fallen behind. Just kidding, I post right before going to nighty-night. My fisticuffs with the SANDMAN awaiting. Sometimes I'm just waiting for 12:00, dead tired watching SVU or NCIS. wrapped up in my pajamas that have the feet on them. I cannot find any other kind that don't have the feet. LOL. Actually, I prefer the ones with the feet. If I couldn't find some with the feet, I'd crudely sew on some tube socks. If I could find ones that went all the way up to the ears maybe in a set with a beanie/hat with some cartoon ears, it'd be set. Don't tell anybody, though. A lot of people don't find that very sexy. I hate having cold feet or ears, sue me.
     The reason I'm posting early is because I don't know when I'll be home tonight, I've got some errands to do for a buddy. I've got to see about some puppies. That doesn't mean we can't still talk about anything and everything like like usual, like: what  the heck is going on with your love-life?
-If you are one of the ones that are having a bit of trouble in that department, I mean. I'm not. I'm just great. That is why I can sleep in footie pajamas. I'm good, thanks. But, maybe some people cannot seem to realize that in order to meet someone, you have to go out and meet people, peppered in with the internet bombings. I hate going out, so you don't have to tell me how much you hate it. It increases your chances for sure no matter how much you hate to make an effort to seem available, But you should do it. Make an effort to be seen. In a club, walking down the street, getting some exercise. In the super market. Wear something that says: AVAILABLE, though, a see through top or something. Okay, okay, maybe not a translucent shirt, but something that let's us know you is single, not necessarily slutty and whore-y ( though, that's okay, too), but single. I'm trying to go out more too, but I'll try to not drink excessively when I go out, as I hate it as well. I'm gonna start wearing t-shirts that have those kinda slogans adverts on 'em, like willing and Abel, or Hope you're ready for all this, or some shit like that, and what not. I know that invites the gropp-y, lady fingers and playful married couples out for a nite of fun, that's okay though, I've done worse. Let's get out there and be seen. Don't just leave the bars and grocery stores to the hungry and to the sleazy and the pretentious, let's hang out more, the weather is warming up anyway, I am just saying. Keep you're eyes open, I'll be the one dancing like The Supremes and wearing the shirt READY AND WILLY-NG I'm putting my best foot forward and I'm gonna dance my way into someone's life. At the very least I'll bring some dance to a place not used to dancing.                                                                                        
NEWYOURK  indahouse


BILL BURR. Let me know if you've ever seen this, after some heckling this mob got a taste of what someone with a mike can do, if he's prepared and angry enough: DESTROY
          STREET carnivals where you got  shit made out of buttons                                                                             I know that I'm teh one                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


I never would have hitch hiked to Birmingham if it hadn't been for love.--THE STEELDRIVERS xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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