Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WEDNESDAY. are u ready?

I think I ate way too much throughout the day. I'm feeling like some sort of sausage, stuffed and ready for the frying pan. Dang! I just couldn't help it the day was so nice that anything edible around me had it coming to it. If you're wondering If I am still doing situps, well yes I am. I am doing less of them, but I am doing them more often. Does that make sense? They are so awful but effective that I find that doing less of them doesn't cause the physical and emotional pain that accompanies them, like  those "special" family members in every family. The ones that cause such joy and pain at the same time. You know what I've heard?-If you don't know which member in your family is the special one? It might be you. Just kiddin', I don't think it's you, is it?NO WORRIES. Even if it is you, every family has got one, so no biggie. Go on and give yourself a hug, we still love you.
    WEDNESDAY is here you made it! Hump day. I like celebrating every single day. I don't have names like "hump day" for 'em. I wish I could do it with cake, though.



What is the cha cha slide? Looks like they enjoy it enough to not stop even when being watched. Good for them.

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