Tuesday, April 10, 2012

TUESDAY giganitic a big big love

                                       TUESDAY. Some people to watch for.

Tuesday. Hope you got some rest and are able to function with a big smile and you were not one of those people that thrive on drama and scandal to have a good time. There's always one or two people like that at any gathering. Their own lives sad and lacking the vision to see anything positive and good in their lives to nurture and cultivate, they find it easier to focus outwardly and start something or relay some bad news as gossip and in a way that brings them joy while bringing out the bad in others. I know plenty of these types of people, they can be family members or "helpful" neighbors that are always around when shit goes sour. They are sad and broken, and if you must be around them for whatever reason, it can be painful. But I find that the best way to deal with them is to not waste any time avoiding them but keeping them close and full of hugs and attention. That way you can keep your eyes on them and physically pat them down when you hug them, to make sure they ain't stealing shit. Just kidding love and hugs makes them calm down. That easy it's true. They love the attention. Fine by me.


Dr BRADY BARR for all ANIMAL JAMMERS out there. How do you know if you're a Jammer? -you just know. Let's here it for BRADY!!!

Dr. Brady Barr & an Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake from play animal jam on Vimeo.

                                                        GIGANTIC - THE PIXIES
It's difficult to describe the first time I heard this song. It was on the local alternative radio station out here in SoCal (KROQ), One of the last few times I heard something good on it, back when it was still playing new bands, spurred on by amazing DJ people who genuinely loved and championed new music, DJs like Rodney BINGENHEIMER http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mayor_of_the_Sunset_Strip of , Jed The fish, Dusty Street, The Swedish Eagle, Freddy Snakeskin. It was the middle of the day, and it was a weekend. But it was so much more. Every couple of years it comes around, though, big change: things fall into place,and all at once things are new (perspective, view, or appreciation for life...whatever you want to call it) forever. I love when it does happen don't get me wrong, it's similar to bumping into the prettiest face you've ever seen. You just don't expect angels when shopping at the grocery store. Angels aren't supposed to be seen on earth by mortals. One day though, you have to go buy cooking oil at the corner store for your ma, and there by the check out on the way out,everything slows down as you meet eye to eye with the face that launched a thousand ships, I didn't know what that meant until then. And then it's gone. It changes everything for that day. You know you will never be the same again.  Days later you are imagine you see the face in better circumstances, but not to be. Sometimes that is what it sounds like when you hear the perfect song at the perfect time. Angels don't exist they say and the sounds of sirens are just myth. But you'll never be the same.
    I bought this in cassette form for someone I was seriously crushing on and never had the nerve to tell 'em. -What up sweet sweet Baby Boo Boo? I also bought  a couple of copies 'cause it kept getting stolen.
    GIGANTIC was the song, it was on the Pixies' SURFER ROSA album. A band from Boston, with the first big guy fronting a band in a long time. He peppered his lyrics with Puerto Rican Spanish learned from his stay there. They were good. Black Francis had some vague lyrics that were dark and perfect for a growing mind. And the tidal wave of guitars that just kept coming, track after track, it just hurt so good. This particular song was sung not by Black Francis but Kim Deal who later along with twin sister Kelly Deal and Tonya Donelly of Throwing Muses belonged to THE BREEDERS. The voice was angelic and lovely, and innocent if that is possible in a song during the 1980's. I hope you enjoy it a little at the very least. Looking back they owed a lot to Husker Du and other bands that hopefully we'll talk about later. I just thought you might want to hear.
    I may never get to see that particular angel in that market again, but there's always something else, as far as music goes, well I hope there's always something else. There has been songs before and after this one that made sense and made everything different somehow afterwards.  Songs offering something that is new and much like a siren of the old myths that just calls you. Like amazing people, they are rare but angels walk the planet. Just keep your eyes and your heart open and full of love, offer to help every chance you get, you never know who you might meet. It could be what you've been looking for, whatever that is.

What a hunk of love

Well here is a different version a live studio version of this song.


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