Sunday, April 15, 2012

NOHO Sunday pt 2


What is up BROchachos? how are things?? I hope your weekend is going great. As some of you know yesterday I was sick all day, thanks to the night before. I can only blame myself, I know I know. I felt awful about it. I drank like I was 21 and celebrating my legal welcoming into adulthood. I'm older I should've known I'd get a headache and feel like punching my brain outta my head. Or like I just finished two whole funnel cakes at the Los Angeles County Fair (Save up your pennies and lets all meet up there this year and wear matching shirts).
    I feel like I missed a whole day and I've got to catch up, so spill fellas: WHAT THE EFF HAPPENED??
don't worry, it will be our little secret. I can play it Any body in the middle of a nasty nasty hangover, like me yesterday? Anybody involved in a blossoming FURRY romance with a costumed cat? -Is that still a thing?I did get the dancing out of my system for for today. Tomorrow is another day. Speaking of Tomorrow, it will be MONDAY, so while I'm not saying to worry about it, do prepare for it by getting some sleep, a good dinner,some breathing excercises an exfoliating scrub, that wavy perm you've always wanted. Maybe just updating the resume. Just try to mentally prepare for Monday if that is a big issue for you. If it is not, well then maybe you should try to start a romance with a FURRY character, whatever you prefer foxes, kitty cats, parrots. You can be the person to bring that back. I wish somebody would bring back Belly T's for men, though spring is already here and I haven't seen a one. I'll do my best and try to cheer people on when I see something daring fashion-wise. Bring it! Ascots, elbow length gloves paired with jeans. Colored zinc on face, or straight up make up over facial hair. I think I'll try having a look of wide eyed suprise everywhere I go, once in a while, taking a deep breath around strangers and just continue going around my business.

I have been playing a game of anything you can do I can do louder with the upstairs neighbors .  Any one who has ever had discourteous neighbors knows what I'm talking about. uknowwhatImean. Clowning around upstairs like they're rehearsing for a tap dance presentation in a church variety show from 7:00 -8:00 in the morning on a Sunday.SHEESH. Well I showed them, I gave them a loud welcome to Club :Man! Was I Drunk. But seeing as I don't like playing games, I've got to refocus my attention away from them. I  have to get out and do some shopping. That should do it.

what is a chicken wrap

I got to get some groceries. I hope that is enough time for you guys to think about what kind of mischief you can get into before the week begins.  don't be surprised if I get another Sunday post done after buying some shoes at the grocery store. Yes that is where I get all my shoes from.

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